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4 Easy Tips for a Total House Declutter

Posted By On July 05 2021
4 Easy Tips for a Total House Declutter

Junk and clutter: these are two things that easily pile up, no matter how many times you clean and sort through your home. Maybe you have a spare room that’s becoming a dumping ground or an attic where old boxes pile up. Perhaps it’s just been many years of living in a house without regular spring cleaning. A declutter is beneficial to everyone, no matter your situation.

Household clutter is relatively harmless, but when left to grow, it can suddenly pile up to a great amount. It may even seem overwhelming or stressful to have to sort through so many items at once and make decisions about whether to keep them or not.

However, when done properly, cleaning out your home from top to bottom can be extremely rewarding. Doing a bulk waste disposal will be beneficial to your home in the long run. Your space will be cleaner, it will be easier to find your belongings and, overall, it can feel like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Read on for 4 tips for an easy total house declutter.

1. Start with a goal

Goal setting is important before you start a big task like a total house declutter. Sorting through your entire house without a plan might seem overwhelming, so start small. Figure out a tentative timeline, what’s most important to tidy and what can wait, as well as what parts of the home you may need help for. This will cut down on any frustration or roadblocks. Some strategies you may want to consider are:

  • Mark up a rough map of your home. This will help you identify particularly messy areas and follow a sequence in your tidying.

  • Grade your spaces based on the priority level and the severity of messiness. For example, your kitchen might be a full 5/5 (5 being most cluttered) and require immediate attention, while your living room (2/5) could probably wait.

  • Set a completion date to finish your cleanup.

  • Plan out a doable work schedule to get the work done easily, for example, dedicating half an hour after work every day rather than a full weekend.

2. Create a sorting system

As you start organizing your items, you’ll find that there will be stuff you want to keep, stuff you don’t want to keep, and items you’re not sure about. Many expert organizers swear by the three-box method. This involves making three piles—one each for things to keep, trash, and donate.

This method makes it much easier to know what to do with the items you come across. For items you wish to keep, put them away in their newly designated area immediately to avoid more clutter. Some items you may wish to organize in containers or put away in storage boxes for later use. Lastly, you’ll need to decide what to do with items you no longer need. Selling them, donating them, or throwing them away are all viable options.

3. Decide how to dispose of items

To purge your home of all the clutter, you’ll want to have a plan for exactly where the junk goes. If you decide to follow the three-box method, you’ll have to figure out how to deal with the items in your “get rid of” box. Here are some options:

  • Donate or freecycle: If you have items that are in good condition, why not find them a second home with someone who needs them? Clothes, shoes, and many other household items can be donated to local charities. Freecycling by posting a listing on a resale group is also a great way to get a little extra money for your goods.

  • Recycle: This is a great sustainable option that just requires a little extra sorting. Categorize your items by recyclable glass, plastic, and paper, and take them to your nearest recycling drop-off or put them into the recycling bin. This is also a great method for bulk waste disposal, as you’ll be getting rid of more with less effort.

  • Rent a garbage bin or dumpster: You’ll probably find some items that won’t be in any condition to donate or sell. Renting a dumpster is a great option because you’ll be able to get rid of larger, more unwieldy items with ease. Mattresses and old desks and beds are all examples of items that are made so much easier to dispose of through a rental company. What’s great about bulk waste disposal is that you can find companies that will deliver the dumpster to your driveway! At Scarborough Disposal, we bring the bins to your home, let you fill them up in peace, and then haul away what you don’t need. It’s so much easier, and allows you to focus on your decluttering project without stressing about where to get rid of your junk.

4. Make it a game

Decluttering can be a boring, often strenuous task that seemingly drags on for days. One way to tackle this is by gamifying your approach. Decide on a strategy and set yourself a challenge. Print out a blank monthly calendar and pick one task for each day. This way, you’ll have to dedicate less than half an hour a day, and it becomes a fun activity to look forward to. Include your kids or family members for some extra competition and challenge. As a bonus, the work will get done faster this way too!

You did it! We hope that following these steps made your decluttering journey easy and hassle-free. Remember, it’s all in the planning. If you’re unsure about what to do with the junk you want to throw away, reach out to Scarborough Disposal for information on what we dispose of and our various bin sizes. We’ll collect and dispose of the items for you so you can sit back and reap the rewards of your total house declutter.

Reach out to Scarborough Disposal Ltd. to learn more about bulk waste disposal contact us here.

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