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How much will it cost?

All of our pricing is upfront with NO hidden fees. For Bin Rental Services, SDL provides a FREE estimate beforehand, Contact Us today by phone or fill out the form below.

What payment types are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard Only
Is Scarborough Disposal licensed and insured?

Yes, absolutely. All of our employees, trucks and equipment are fully licensed and insured. SDL also has liability insurance and WSIB Clearance Certificates available upon request.

Can the disposal bin be placed on the street?

Some local governments will allow it and some won't. The City of Toronto requires a Street Occupation Permit. For more information on the Toronto Street Occupation Permits visit the Toronto City Website or call them at (416) 392-6593. Outside of Toronto please call your local municipal government for more information.

How do I load the disposal bin?

Please load waste level to the Disposal Bin walls or lower. Any waste piled higher than the top of the Disposal Bin is overloaded. The waste should be distributed evenly inside the bin for safer pickup.

What needs to be done before delivery?

Please ensure there is at least a 16 (sixteen) foot wide access to the Disposal Bin drop site to allow room for the truck and it's mechanics. Make sure you have the proper city permits needed if the Disposal Bin is being placed on the street. If the Disposal Bin is being placed on a driveway or other area that is in good condition, we will provide wooden planks or tarps where the disposal bin will be placed at no additional charge.

What happens to the waste once removed from my property?
SDL is VERY environmentally conscious and we recycle whatever material qualifies at the transfer station. Common recyclables are: paper, wood, metal, concrete, plastic, electronics and computer equipment.
What is clean fill waste?
Clean fill is soil and rock. Soil: clay, silt, and/or sand – Rock: containing natural occurring materials.
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