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How a Rental Dumpster Can Help With Your Summer Projects

Posted By On May 17 2021
How a Rental Dumpster Can Help With Your Summer Projects

Summer is the perfect time of year to tackle your home projects. Whether it is a major landscaping project, a kitchen makeover, or organizing your garage, when the warm weather arrives, homeowners start envisioning home-improvement projects. Regardless of your plans, a helpful tool to keep you organized is a hook lift bin rental dumpster.

Here is how hook lift bins can help with your summer projects.

Rental Dumpsters Keep You Organized

You might be surprised at how much junk and trash your summer projects create. Whether you are tearing out old kitchen cabinets, or clearing an area of your backyard, it can suddenly become clear that you have nowhere to put all that debris and trash. Hook lift bin rentals are dropped off at your property, so you can easily drag out any trash as you work. This keeps your home and property organized, so you can tackle your project with more space.

Quicker Work

A rental dumpster provides you a way to clear things away while you work. Instead of stacking trash and debris in your home, on your property, or in the garage, you simply place it in the dumpster. This reduces the added step of clearing away garbage after your project is complete.


All that debris creates a hazard for family members, pets, and even neighbours. The safest method is to use hook lift bins to safely store away all that debris to avoid risk of accidents. Keep in mind that whether it is debris from tear-out for interior projects that can contain rusty nails and other sharp objects, or branches and other garden debris that pose risks of their own, your rental dumpster provides a proper place for all that garbage to keep your temporary “work site” safe.

Easy Disposal

As mentioned, you can remove trash while you work, thus keeping your property neat and organized. However, once you are done, it just takes a quick phone call to arrange for your filled bin to be picked up. You don’t have to worry about endless trips to the local dump and, instead, have the rental dumpster taken away for you.

Safer for the Environment

You might not realize how a stack of home renovation debris can contribute to pollution and contamination in your neighbourhood. When left outside in the open, rain and wind can collect dust and also expose the materials, which can release toxins. This can be carried on the wind, or leach into the soil and drain off into the local water supply. When you use a rental dumpster, materials are contained and don’t come into contact with the ground. As a result, you reduce the impact that your summer projects have on the environment.

Proper Disposal

Once your waste is taken away, your dumpster rental provider will ensure that your garbage is disposed of properly. At Scarborough Disposal, we will deliver it to the proper recycling or dump site, based on local regulations and bylaws.

Protect Your Vehicle

You might consider loading up your vehicle and taking the trash to the dump yourself. However, this is not practical. First, you will be wasting gas doing so. Next, you might not know what trash goes to what waste material site. Last, you can easily damage your vehicle with the debris and waste you are transporting.


In the long run, your hook lift bins will prove to be cheaper than other solutions. Because you are loading the trash as you work, you don’t have to worry about the labour costs. As well, instead of paying for a junk removal service to make several trips, you simply fill the bin and then have it picked up. The bin can then be returned so you can carry on with your work without interruptions.

Multiple Sizes

You might be thinking your summer project won’t create that much waste. However, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to fill a dumpster. You can select the smallest size and soon find that it’s full, so there really is no project too small for a dumpster rental. Also, you might be inspired to fill the dumpster with other junk lying around in your home or on your property to make the most of your rental bin.

Avoid Local Garbage Issues

Many homeowners also think they can simply drag their waste to the corner on garbage day. However, this is not the case. For example, in Toronto, the bylaw “requires that waste be in the proper containers and cleanliness, and that containers must be hard, have a lid, and be rodent proof.” So, in the case of your project, a pile of garbage bags won’t cut it. As well, there are tons of other rules and bylaws you might not even know about such as:

  • Limits for the amount of garbage that you can generate.
  • Waste that has to be recycled.
  • Waste that can’t be recycled.
  • Fees for waste collection service.
  • The types of bags or containers you can use for certain types of waste.
  • Restrictions on what materials can be sent to the landfill site.
  • The types of garbage that can be picked up per the schedule, and how many bags are allowed for something such as yard waste.

You might even consider being a little sneaky and spreading your garbage out by taking it to your neighbour’s curb front in the dark of night. However, we do not recommend this, and it can lead to issues that will easily be traced back to you.


Last but not least, you just can’t beat the convenience of a dumpster rental. All you need to do is call our team at Scarborough Disposal, discuss your needs, and then decide the size and bin type you want. After we deliver it to your site, you can fill it as you work and then call us when it is full, or your project is complete. You can also simply use our online tool that allows you to punch in your information and the bin type. The cost is provided and you can schedule and pay for your hook lift bin delivery.

If you would like more information on hook lift bin rentals, speak to our team at Scarborough Disposal today.


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