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Top 5 Reasons To Rent a Bin / Dumpster

Posted By On October 16 2018

1- Renovation or Demolition

Maybe you’re deciding on renovating a room in your home or adding one on. A lot of waste can accumulate quickly and your local garbage pick up most likely won’t take this type of content away from your curbside. Let alone its not something you want piling up in the front of your home. Contacting one of our representatives can help alleviate this struggle. Discussing the size of your renovation with them will allow for Scarborough Disposal to estimate the size of the bin required and how much it would cost. Contact Us today and lets help you get started and finish that project together.

2- Home or Business Clean Out

Aside from a renovation this type of clean out can consist of a large amount of stuff. Homes and businesses can accumulate an adequate amount of unwanted items and most of which cannot be thrown out with your municipal garbage pick up. Old bicycles, pictures, furniture or garage items can be disposed of quickly with one our Scarborough Disposals Bin rentals. Take back the space you wanted to use when your first moved in. We can help.

3- Gardening or Extreme Weather

Looking to spruce up the outside curb appeal or cleaning up from a storm, this is where a bin / dumpster rental can help clean up that mess in one shot rather than having multiple trips to the landfill station with your trailer or truck depending on the amount accumulated of this organic waste. Usually a 4 yard bin can accommodate this task. Contact Us today.

4- New Shingles or Roof Work

This can not only be a messy job but it can also be a dangerous one. The removal of materials from the roof will most likely consist of wood, nails and shingles. These items are usually thrown from the roof and have an ability to spread during the drop to the ground. This can create unsafe conditions from family members or visitors walking around outside. Depending on who you hired to do the job or if you’re doing it yourself, make sure a bin is on site and all waste is placed directly into the bin the first time. This not only saves time but not having to walk around after the job picking up the waste and moving it to the bin but creates a safer environment by having all of it in one place.

5- Moving

This is one of the best times to have a dumpster on site. More than likely this is the time that the whole home or business gets cleaned out for a fresh start. The accumulation of broken or old electronics, unwanted furniture, carpets etc. All this can be quickly disposed of and removed from your property on a scheduled date and time.

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