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Tips for Renting a Bin in Poor Weather Conditions

Posted By On December 14 2020
Tips for renting a bin in poor weather conditions

If you want to clear up your home before or after the holidays, you may be curious about renting a bin during less than ideal weather conditions. It is possible to rent a bin even in the harshest winter weather as long as you follow specific protocols and prepare adequately.

Disposal bins are often necessary because they are an affordable and effective way to get rid of waste. They can even be more beneficial in the winter because there is more availability than in the warmer months. To best utilize your bin rental in Toronto weather, here are some helpful tips.

Make Room

The first and most essential thing to do is make room in your driveway for where the bin will be placed. For instance, if any snow or ice is blocking the bin, you should move it out of the way so it can be placed safely. You can shovel the entire driveway just to ensure that the bin will be safely deposited. If these weather conditions have created a slippery area, add salt to avoid any potential slips.

Protect Your Hands

When handling the bin, be sure to wear gloves as you are dealing with metal. Skin has been known to freeze on cold metal, which can cause injuries.

Use a Tarp

Adding a tarp on top of the bin is a good way to ensure the majority of the snow will not end up in your dumpster. You can purchase one from your local hardware store.

Safety First

When disposing of items this winter, it’s essential to consider safety and use wise judgment. Snow in the driveway can create precarious conditions, so you’ll want to take the necessary steps to avoid any accidents. Be sure to avoid doing any outdoor work to get the bin ready when the weather is wildly unpredictable.

When it Rains

If rain is your issue, it can wreak havoc on your disposal bin. Not only can it cause unpleasant odours, but it will add some weight to anything you have thrown out.

Keeping rain out is similar to the process of keeping snow from entering the bin. You can use a tarp; it’s your choice whether you buy one, rent one, or create your own from materials around your home.

Adding these bin covers is beneficial because it prevents any unwanted dumping. Even though it doesn’t physically keep anyone out of your bin, it will discourage them from disposing of trash in your container and minimize the chances of having more waste added.

Abide by Local Regulations

Every neighbourhood and city is different when it comes to local disposal regulations. Be sure to check GTA disposal rules so that you can determine whether you need a permit or not. Our team can also guide you with the necessary information, like what type of waste should not be thrown away into the disposal bin, such as hazardous waste, paint cans and more.

Hire a Qualified Company

To ensure renting a disposal bin runs smoothly, you’ll want to entrust a reputable company. At Scarborough Disposal, we offer driveway protection and the highest quality bins so that you don’t have to worry about any mishaps.

Leave Space Around the Bin

When your bin is ready to be placed in your driveway or near your home, you need to leave space around it. Do not put anything near the bin or fill it past the top of the bin. If you’re unsure what size bin works for your task, just ask one of our friendly professionals.

When the Ontario winter weather gets out of control, our team at Scarborough Disposal will still fulfill all bin deliveries as long as safety allows. Disposal bins are needed all year round, especially when clearing fallen branches and damaged roofs. We are always committed to bringing you top-quality dumpsters so that you can tackle any home project. No matter the weather conditions, our bins will be safe in your driveway.

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Give us a call today at 647-905-5145, and one of our qualified team members will address any of your concerns when renting a disposal bin this winter.

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    It was a great tip when you said to consider the reputation of the garbage disposal company when you’re looking to hire one. We had a wild party last night in my house, and the mess is humungous. I need to clean this up before my wife comes home, so I’ll make sure to find the best waste container rentals near my area.