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Dumpster & Bin Rentals in Scarborough

Dumpster Bin Rentals Scarborough

Bordered by Victoria Park Avenue to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north, and the Rouge River and Pickering to the east, Scarborough is Toronto’s easternmost borough, and has been our home for more than 30 years.

We’ve been based in Scarborough since it was a municipality in its own right, and as the area has grown and developed over the past three decades, we’ve grown with it. With more than 600,000 residents, today, more people live in Scarborough than ever before. And while Scarborough Disposal Ltd. has grown to offer disposal bin rentals all across the GTA, Scarborough has always been our home, and we remain committed to providing our neighbours and customers with the highest quality service.

From our smallest 4-yard bin up to our largest 40-yard behemoth, all of our bin sizes are available in Scarborough and can be rented from our headquarters on Raleigh Avenue.

Scarborough falls within our primary service area, meaning we can provide same-day service with no additional cost.

Dumpster Delivery in Scarborough

With our simple three-step process, renting a bin in Scarborough couldn’t be easier:

  1. You Select Your Bin Size

    From a 4-yard bin that’s great for small gardening projects to a 40-yard bin that works for full house tear-downs, we’ve got a wide range of bins to suit jobs of any scope or size.

  2. You Order Online Or Over Phone

    We’ve made dumpster bin rental easy. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can order online by filling out our simple form. Need a little help? Just give us a call: 416-265-7979. Our expert staff will help you find the right bin for your job.

  3. Your Bin Arrives on Time

    We’ve spent more than 30 years developing a reputation for professionalism and the highest standards of services, and we pride ourselves on making sure that your bin is there when you need it, and gone when you’re done with it.

What We Take

Whether you want to clean out your house or tear the whole thing down, we offer a wide range of bins that can remove waste and debris of all shapes, sizes and types. From homeowners looking for soil removal after a small gardening project to contractors who need concrete disposal from a large commercial construction site, we help customers remove whatever waste they encounter on the job.

Bin Types & Sizes Available in Scarborough

We offer a wide range of bins to suit jobs of any size. You can choose from any of the bin sizes listed below and order using the form below.

Not sure which size is right for you? Just give us a call at 416-265-7979. Or, if you’re in the neighbourhood, come by our office at 63 Raleigh Ave. Either way, we’ll be happy to help you find the best bin for your job or project.

4-Yard Bin

Great for homeowners doing a small gardening project or a contractor with a small amount of rubble. This bin also works well in tight spaces, where we can’t get a larger truck in.

10-Yard Bin

Great for a small bathroom or kitchen renovation, this bin can be delivered on our small truck and put in tight spots for garbage/junk removal. It holds up to 140 bundles of shingles.

14-Yard Bin

When filled with garbage, this bin would hold about half the contents of a single-car garage. It’s also good for clean fill, concrete, brick or up to 180 bundles of shingles.

20-Yard Bin

Ideal for a basement renovation or house clean, this bin has low sides to allow for side-loading. It can usually hold an entire kitchen or bathroom if the cabinets are broken up. (Note: cannot be used for clean fill, concrete or brick loads.)

40-Yard Roll-Off Bin

Our biggest bin, this one can be used to clean out a house with large furniture or gut the main floor of a house (the average house demo would fill this bin 4 times). Picked up by our larger trucks, it requires 25 feet of space to allow for the doors to open. (Note: cannot be used for clean fill, concrete or brick loads.)

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