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What You Can and Can’t Put in a Disposal Bin

Posted By On January 13 2020
What can we put in a Disposal Bin?

Have you ever walked up to a garbage receptacle that offers you more than one option to dispose of your trash? Maybe you’ve spent a second or two deciding what category your trash falls under.

To help make sorting and proper disposal of your garbage easier, placing the correct items into the correct bins for disposal in your own home is the first step. When you’ve rented a dumpster, a few guidelines fall into place and similarly, you will have to sort your junk and determine whether it belongs in the dumpster or not.

Renting a Disposal Bin

When you come across unwanted items that can’t be sold or donated, you will need a way to dispose of them properly. The best way to collect all your unwanted trash in one place is by renting a bin or dumpster into which all your trash can be placed and then hauled away with ease. Any local dumpster rental service can provide you with the perfect dumpster for any project you’ve taken on, whether it’s a little light spring cleaning or a major renovation project.

With your work boots on and your dumpster rented and ready, you’re all set to start on your project. But once the garbage starts to pile up, you may begin to wonder what can and cannot be put into your dumpster.

If so, there’s no need to fear! We’re here to help guide you so you can spend more time on your work and less time debating. Just like there are rules about what we should and should not be throwing in our trash cans, there are also guidelines to help us sort through our trash before placing it into a rented dumpster.

These guidelines help ensure that all local and provincial regulations regarding waste disposal are being followed and to help keep our environment safe and clean.

What CAN I put into a Dumpster?

If you are looking to start on a renovation project in or around your home, renting a dumpster can be very useful to collect all of the debris and waste that is produced. Most types of nonhazardous waste are permitted in dumpsters, however, what is permitted in each dumpster is also dependent on the size and type of dumpster rented.

It is always a good idea to plan ahead and rent your dumpster based on the type of project you’re planning to take on. Here at Scarborough Disposal, we are able to take the following items:

1. Furniture
Most types of furniture including couches, mattresses, box springs, sofa beds, tables, chairs, desks, etc. are permitted in dumpsters.

2. Appliances
The majority of household appliances are permitted in a dumpster, including refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, washing machines, and dryers. It’s important to remember, however, that any hazardous fluids within these appliances, such as freon, should be removed before they are thrown out.

In order to remove the freon from the appliance, a professional appliance repair specialist, for example, will need to be hired to remove the refrigerant before the appliance can be disposed of in the dumpster.

3. Electronics
Any electronics in your home, including televisions, computers, printers, and other e-waste is accepted in dumpsters.

4. Debris from Construction and Demolition
Many construction and renovation projects generate quite a bit of debris, which can be collected and placed in a dumpster. A few of these items include fences, tires, roof shingles, carpet, scrap metal, ceiling tiles, gravel, plaster, patio stones, sidewalk, asphalt, ceramic tiles, bricks, wood, and concrete.

5. Yard Waste
Most dumpsters allow for a variety of yard waste including trees, branches, grass, and other types of green waste.

What CAN’T I put into a dumpster?

When you rent a dumpster to dispose of your trash, there usually aren’t many restrictions on what can be put inside of your dumpster. Non-hazardous waste items can usually be placed in your dumpster and hauled away. Hazardous waste materials cannot be placed inside of your rented dumpster. These items can pose risks to the environment if they are not properly disposed of.

At Scarborough Disposal, we are unable to take hazardous chemicals, toxins, and combustible or flammable liquids.

As mentioned, hazardous waste does not belong inside of a dumpster. Asbestos, pesticides, oils, oil tanks and drums, gas tanks, chemicals, explosives, and any toxins cannot be placed inside of the dumpster. Most communities offer separate collection events at which people can drop off any hazardous waste materials they may have and they can be properly disposed of.

Garbage Dumpsters make Junk Removal Simple

When you rent a dumpster or bin, it can be used for the duration of your project. When it has been filled or your project has come to an end, the rental company will come and pick up the dumpster or bin.

All the trash in the dumpster or bins is then sorted and any items which can be recycled are removed from the trash headed to the landfill. The overall aim of junk removal is to ensure a quick and easy process of junk collection, removal, sorting, and disposal, all while keeping environmental safety at the forefront.

If you’re thinking of starting some home renovations, cleaning out your home, or packing to move, renting a dumpster can be the smart and efficient way to collect all your unwanted trash in one place and have a professional service haul it away for you.

In order to save you any extra costs always make sure you confirm which items can and cannot be placed in your dumpster. Here at Scarborough Disposal, we can provide the solution to all your junk removal needs with our experienced and friendly team of experts.

To learn more about what you can and can’t put into a rental dumpster, call Scarborough Disposal at (647) 360-9566, or contact us here.


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