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How To Properly Clean Out Your Garage

Posted By On March 14 2019

With the warmer weather on its way it may be time to start thinking about the Garage and how to get the space back from a “Throw and Go” winter. So we looked across the internet to try and find the best way to clean this space and save you time and money.

There is nothing like walking into a clean workspace when the projects of the summer begin. Or maybe you just want to park your vehicle back in the Garage like it was before the clutter pushed it back out to parking in the driveway.

Take Everything Out

Yup, you will want to wait for the warmer weather but its the best idea to remove everything from your garage.

Sort Everything Into Four Piles

  1. Keep

  2. Donate

  3. Trash

  4. Sell

You should pick four area’s outside your garage to do this. The keep pile should only contain items you have used in the past year or so. Anything you have that you meant to fix but never got around too should be gonzo!

Start Cleaning

Some professionals and some people state you should clean your walls and ceiling with soap and warm water. This is something you could do if you have a nice space to work with. However I don’t find this that important as the space for me anyway is used for projects and oil changes.

Clean The Floor

  1. Sweep the floor

  2. Use Laundry Detergent and Warm water to wash the floor. It will help remove the Oil Stains etc. This method does help, but we all know concrete is porous and removing the oil stains completely may not be possible. But a good Garage Floor Paint can work wonders.

Install Shelving

If you don’t already have them, shelving can be a great way to stay organized. Getting things off the floor will greatly improve the space.

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