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What Disposal Bin Size Should I Rent?

Posted By On December 07 2020
What disposal bin size should I rent?

When you take on a massive cleaning of your home, disposing of trash can help keep your home clutter-free. However, sometimes the amount of junk lying around cannot be collected in one sitting. It may be necessary to rent a dumpster so that the disposal process is straightforward.

One of the most common questions people ask us at Scarborough Disposal is, “What size bin do I need to rent?” The answer depends on your needs and budget. When deciding on your disposal bin, it is crucial to choose the right one so that you don’t overspend or rent a container that is too small for your belongings.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Bin

No matter how much stuff you need to get rid of, we have bins to accommodate your needs. The standard bin sizes in Canada include 4, 10, 14, 20 and 40 yards. You’ll also want to consider the materials that you have. Your disposal bin size in Scarborough depends not just on the amount of trash, but what kind it is. For instance, bulkier waste like furniture may not need as big of a bin as you think, as you can place them strategically to make room.

Here are some more precise measurements on what medium and large-project disposal bins can hold:

  • 10-yard disposal bins can hold about 110 wheelbarrow loads, 75 kitchen garbage bags, or five truckloads.
  • 14-yard disposal bins can hold about 140 wheelbarrow loads, 90 full garbage bags, or 5-6 truckloads.
  • 20-yard disposal bins can hold about 180 wheelbarrow loads, 120 full garbage bags, or 7 truckloads.

Your project will be more convenient, organized, and affordable when you choose the right size dumpster. Determining the right size dumpster will often help make an upcoming project more straightforward and more accessible.

If you have a project where you need to dispose of more dense materials, like concrete, you’ll have to discuss with the team at Scarborough Disposal on how to proceed. These kinds of materials can weigh down the smallest bin, making it unsafe. As long as you adequately prepare beforehand, you will find that the process will run more smoothly, and you’ll achieve the desired outcome.

Keeping Your Project in Mind

The project you are tackling is also a significant factor in what dumpster size you need to rent. Once you decide on your project’s specifics, you can speak to one of our friendly disposal waste bin consultants, and they will give you a detailed estimate. We have over 30 years of experience working in our industry and know what size dumpster bins will work for various jobs.

Since disposal bins are usually rented by the week, they work best for projects that will last for a few days or more. With this rental time, you can fill it up as you go, and it’s convenient for jobs that end up taking longer than expected.

Here are some tasks that are suitable for various bin sizes:

Small Projects (4-Yard Bins)

For any small household job, a 4-yard bin should do the trick. Some examples of smaller projects include garage cleanout, getting rid of small appliances, cleaning a closet, a small roof repair, or changing a space around. This size is also used for getting rid of small amounts of dirt, concrete or brick.

Medium Projects (10 and 14-Yard Bins)

10 and 14-yard bins are generally requested by most of our customers. They remain popular because they are suitable for most household projects, excluding significant renovations. Some examples of medium-sized home projects include installing a new roof, clearing out a large space, remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, and patio renovations. They can also be used for dirt, concrete or brick.

Larger Projects (20 and 40-Yard Bins)

If you are taking on a significant home remodel, it’s best to play it safe and order bins that range from 20 to 40 yards. These types of containers are also suitable if you are downsizing and need to remove decades worth of waste.

It is also beneficial to rent the larger bins as they can be kept for as long as 2 weeks, thus giving you enough time and room to gather up all the waste in your home.

Contact Us

If you still have questions on what size bin disposal will work for you, our team at Scarborough Disposal is happy to discuss your options with you. We have years of expert advice that can only be beneficial to your project.

Also, we make the process simple by providing a bin rental form that you can fill out online. That way, you can easily schedule your bin, and we get a sense of precisely what you need. We have bins available that come in all types and sizes, and our drivers always protect your driveway or placement area so that you don’t have to worry about any potential damage.

At Scarborough Disposal, we pride ourselves on high quality and affordable services in the GTA and have built an excellent reputation in the community. We guarantee fast and efficient services, qualified and knowledgeable staff, and over 30 years of experience in the disposal industry.

Give us a call today at 647-905-5145, and you’ll be one step closer to finding the best bin to suit your project.

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