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How to choose the right dumpster size

Posted By On March 09 2019

When researching the right dumpster size for your projects garbage or debris collection and take away, it’s important to understand how dumpsters are measured. Don’t expect the bin to be long and wide. Just the opposite as dumpster bins are measured in volume such as cubic yards and they can come in a variety of sizes. Scarborough Disposal has the size to meet your needs and boasts the largest bin available in the Toronto area with the 40 yard bin.

It’s important to understand how much debris can be generated from your project. We have managed to put together a rough estimate of what size you would need for each project you may have. Its also important to know that if you are unsure about the size of the rental bin you require, we have experts to help you.

As a first time dumpster rental client you may want to consider these projects with the relative dumpster size:

4 Yard Bin

This bin is great for homeowners doing a small gardening project – a contractor with a small amount of rubble from a door opening and also tight access spaces when we can’t get a larger truck in.

10 Yard Bin

The 10 yard bin / dumpster can be delivered on our small truck and put in tight spots for garbage / junk. Can hold up to 140 bundles of shingles. Great for a small bathroom or kitchen renovation.

14 Yard Bin

Our 14 Yard Bin can be used for clean fill, concrete, brick or up to 180 bundles of shingles. Also good for a general clean up of junk in your house. Would hold about half of a single car garage filled with garbage.

20 Yard Bin

The 20 yard bin / dumpster is ideal for a basement renovation or house clean out with some larger furniture. Can usually hold a kitchen and bathroom gut in one load if they break up the cabinets. Has low sides that can be loaded from the side. Will hold about 250 bundles of shingles. Can be used for demolition of a single car garage if it has no contents. Please note: Cannot be used for clean fill, concrete or brick loads.

40 Yard Bin

The big boy. Great for house clean outs with lots of large furniture. Can usually hold a complete gut of the main floor of a house. Average house demo uses about 4 of these to get rid of a whole house. Requires lots of space about 25 feet so you can open the doors as they are difficult to load from the sides and is picked up by our larger trucks. Please note: Cannot be used for clean fill concrete or brick loads.

Online Calculator

This tool is a must for yard debris or assisting in cleaning out a garage etc. Just take the measurements of the area you want to clean up and the calculator will estimate the proper bin size for the job. Scarborough Disposal offers the use of their calculator for free:

Dumpster Rentals can be costly with the larger size bins so it’s important not to over estimate the size of your project. Talk with us and we will be more than happy to assist with the right choice for the job. Call Scarborough Disposal for your bin today: 416-265-7979


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