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You Need A Waste Management Plan For Your Construction Project

Posted By On July 16 2019
Waste Management

It doesn’t really matter what type of construction you’re engaging in, the fact is always the same. You should have a waste management plan in place. If you’re building a new structure, renovating an existing one or just cleaning up. Most of the waste generated will be too much for local collection to handle and a lot of the materials will need to be transported to a transfer station or dump site to be sorted and recycled.

Scarborough Disposal has the experience to help with all your projects waste needs and requirements. SDL has the fastest drop off and pick up service in Toronto and the GTA. We understand construction sites can be labeled as “Eyesores” and “Nuisances” and a proper waste plan can help alliterative those labels.

  • Safety First: It goes without saying but construction site cleaning is a must for many different reasons, but the one that stands out the most is safety and reducing or eliminating job site accidents and fatalities. Construction sites are already a highly dangerous environment.

  • Enforce Cleanliness Policies: Stringent cleanliness policies that outline how to clean the job site until the work has been completed and enforcing strict safety guidelines will greatly improve the safety and efficiency of the work being done. As a policy would instruct workers not to leave trash piles or debris around and to be placed in the proper disposal bins you can reduce the risk of hazards, smells accumulating or the unwanted animals that may be attracted to the waste.

  • Make a good impression: Work sites in progress can generate complaints from neighbors and passerby’s. Using the proper disposal bins with a company that picks up when requested will reduce these calls and give your company that extra kudos with your client or neighbor. There is nothing worse than having the project complete and have the disposal bins waiting for pick up days after.

Scarborough Disposal has the fastest drop off and pick up times available and over 30 years of experience. Contact Us today.

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