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Hook Lift vs. Roll off Bins: What’s the Best Option for You?

Posted By On July 18 2022
Hook lift vs. Roll off bins: what’s the best option for you?

A bin is a bin is a bin, right? 

You take a large bin and fill it with refuse. Whether you are renovating your house, cleaning out someone’s estate, or simply doing a spring clean, you rent a bin and throw your garbage and recycling into it. 

When it is full, you call the company to come and take it away. 

However, you may see one type of bin on your job site and another on someone else’s. So, why the difference? Is theirs simply bigger than yours? 

Hook lift bins and roll off bins both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

While Scarborough Disposal Ltd. will ultimately ensure that you have the correct bin for your project, it is good to understand why you got the one you did and why your neighbour may get a different type. 

Let’s start by looking at what each bin actually is. 

What is a hook lift bin?

A hook lift bin (also referred to as a hook bin) is a great container for your big projects but needs to be placed in a small confined space. 

We move a hook or lift bin via a large hook attached to the truck’s back (or, in some cases, the front). The operator of the truck does everything from the safety of the inside of the cab. 

The large hook connects to the bin and manoeuvres it from the back of the truck to the ground. The operator doesn’t need to get out of the cab to attach heavy cables, and it can be placed in smaller, confined areas. 

While these bins may hold up to approximately 6 tons and look small compared to their big brother, the roll off bin, they are extremely efficient and are big on saving time and money for the customer.

As most of the operation can be done from inside the cab of the truck, this speeds up the delivery and removal process. 

Roll off Bin: The Established, Trusted, and Respected Bigger Brother

The roll off bin (or cable hoist bin) is the original bin type used in North America and Canada. 

This is a large bin that can hold up to 20 tons. It is carefully moved via a large cable that is attached to the truck and then to a rail system so it can be gently rolled off the back of the truck. 

Trusted by recycling businesses and companies that haul away construction refuse, this is still the most common type of bin used today.

However, a roll off bin does require more clearance (especially high up) to accommodate the larger rail system. This is why it is more commonly seen at construction sites.

This type of bin can be time-consuming in terms of being loaded and unloaded, as it is done slowly and there is some risk involved depending on the weather and the environment in which the bin is being placed. 

Still, it is one of the most trusted bins in use today.

The Bin Revolution

So, why the difference? As stated, the cable hoist bin (or roll-off bin) was the original design for large containers in North America. 

It was primarily used on construction sites at a time when the home renovation revolution had not yet fully happened. Its design started in the early 1900s and evolved into the cable hoist bins we see today. 

In Europe, they used primarily the hook lift bin, beginning around the mid-1900s. Their compact design meant that moving refuse from construction sites in smaller, more confined spaces was a huge benefit. 

Approximately around 1990, we see the hook lift bin coming to North America, especially with the rise in home renovations and recycling programs. 

Many of the larger companies have been reluctant to convert to hook lift bins, as it can be costly to do so. However, at the same time, new companies started with both options available to them.

Hook lift bins can also work on almost any type of truck, and ‌function in different ways. 

What types of bins does Scarborough Disposal Ltd. offer?

There are four sizes that we offer for both hook lift and cable hoist bins: 

  • 4-yard bin: Great for gardening and other small projects.
  • 10-yard bin: Excellent for small renovations or junk removal.
  • 14-yard bin: Great for home or garage clean outs and renovations.
  • 20-yard bin: Great for basement renovations, larger home clean outs.

Each bin is designed to meet the needs of your project and to contain specific materials, from garden waste to construction garbage and recyclable material to landfill waste.

Our hook lift bins use a hook that extends 90 degrees to gently lower the bin from the back of the truck to the ground. These are great for when the area the bin is to be placed is approximately 20 yards or smaller. 

The cable hoist bins use a large cable connected to the container and uses a rail system to gently slide it off the truck onto the ground gently. 

Scarborough Disposal Ltd. will ensure that we supply the right bin for your project, and we are happy to discuss all options with you.

For additional information regarding hook lift bins in Toronto, check out the article Rent Hook Lift and Roll-Off Bins in Toronto on our website. 

Call Scarborough Disposal Ltd. at 416-265-7979 to learn about disposal bins in Toronto, or contact us here for more information today.

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