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Can Office Remodelling Improve Staff Productivity?

Posted By On October 25 2021
Can office remodelling improve staff productivity?

The work environment you provide your team has a major impact on their productivity. An office filled with distractions like clutter, noise and a general lack of organization can take focus away from the work at hand. Your office space can be small, but remain efficient as long as you take the time to use the space wisely. If you find your team seems to lack focus, it might be time for an office remodeling. Here is how an office remodel can create a more user friendly work environment to improve staff productivity.

Improved Lighting

Working in a dingy workspace without enough natural light can be very stressful. In fact, poorly lit work environments cause eyestrain and headaches which in turn can impact more time off work. In some cases, it can also cause fatigue which slows people down when working while contributing to irritability that impacts work relationships. All of these things create a terrible work environment. Assessing your light and looking for ways to bring in more natural light can have a very positive effect on your team. A simple solution is to reduce clutter to clear as much stuff away from the windows as possible. You can also use window partitions in offices to allow more natural light to reach the inner work stations.

Comfortable Work Stations

The desks and chairs provided to your team need to be ergonomically correct. This includes:

  • Computer screens positioned 24-36 inches from eye level
  • Chairs that allow feet to rest flat on the floor
  • Chairs that can recline to reduce spine pressure while also offering support to the lower back
  • A desk that allows proper positioning for the keyboard and mouse, so the hands and wrists are supported

These adjustments will allow staff to work comfortably and avoid strain.

No Clutter

Clutter is very distracting. Team productivity can suffer if your team is forced to work in an environment where:

  • There is a lack of organization
  • Storage in the aisles or at workstations
  • A lack of filing or storage
  • No designated areas for shared office equipment

These distractions stop the mind from focusing. Arranging to have improved storage for the office can make a world of difference. However, it can also go a long way to declutter, throwing away anything that is not needed so you reduce distractions. Introducing a strict clean workstation policy can also help keep everyone focused on their own work so they aren’t distracted or stressed out by co-workers’ untidy desks.

The Right Colours

If your office has a depressing colour scheme it can have a negative effect on productivity. Colours associated with productivity include blue, as well as stimulating colours such as orange. The trick is not overdoing it on any one colour. Often it can be as simple as incorporating blocks of colour that break up the monotony of the walls while stimulating more positive emotions.


Walls devoid of personality can also be depressing. Artwork that can help inspire staff can be industry-related, humourous, soothing or aspirational. When people are surrounded by pleasing images such as nature shots, it can help keep the mind calmer so people remain more focused.

Environmental Settings

Rooms that are too cold or too hot can make it impossible to remain productive. Make sure your environmental settings are comfortable, so people are not distracted by the temperature. This is not so much a remodel, as a temperature check, but it can have a very positive effect.


Some offices have a distinct smell that can be quite off-putting. From mould and mildew, to smells coming in from the street, or chemical smells from products used at the office, unpleasant aromas can be very difficult to face every day. Having a good air purifying system can help. You have to be careful if you try to mask smells with other scents you think might be more pleasing. What one person finds soothing, might make another person feel anxious.


This can be a real challenge, especially in open-concept workspaces. Noise is not only distracting but also can increase stress levels. Noise is also very personal. One person might need to listen to music to remain productive while their neighbours might prefer silence. The sound of people chatting can be distracting for one person, while most people might not even notice. Today, there are white noise machines that can help cancel out distracting sounds while creating a soothing, subconscious sound that helps keep people focused. Another idea is to incorporate a soothing water feature into the office scheme. Water has a very calming effect creating a natural sound that can help people remain focused.

Add Some Greenery

Living walls are an excellent way to improve air quality and a sense of calm. They can work as a natural air filter, and also bring nature into the work environment to help add a touch of green to the space. People will breathe in purified air and enjoy feeling more relaxed being closer to nature.

Break Areas

Providing a relaxing place where people can take a break from their own workstations can also make a world of difference. You can have one area or create a series of “quiet” places staff can go to sit and compose themselves. Chairs positioned with a view of outside work nicely, especially for people who don’t have an office window. Rooms with soothing pictures are also pleasant.

The idea is to provide different environments where people can get away from their own desks and add some variation to their day. Having desks where people can choose to go for quiet time and plug in their phones or laptops is also becoming more popular in modern office designs. This provides options for people to work on their own terms and find a place that makes them feel more productive.

Smart Layouts

Sometimes it might be something as simple as rethinking the office layout. You might not have a logical flow right now that makes sense to your team. For example, people who use certain equipment often should be closer to that equipment. Or departments or people who interact more often could be positioned closer together. People who require more concentration for their work can be placed in a quieter area, while those who need to work together might be happier in an open space where they can interact freely. Smart layouts allow people to stay on task based on their roles. Asking people for input on a new layout can be helpful, as can watching how people work together.

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