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5 Uses for Rental Bins You Need to Know About

Posted By On July 12 2021
5 Uses for Rental Bins You Need to Know About

When you think of a junk bin rental, a large, unwieldy unit probably comes to mind. The backs of stores and apartment buildings in Scarborough will typically have junk bins that can be rolled out and are often overflowing with stuff.

The benefits of a junk bin rental are endless. You get to downsize your business or home, declutter the mess, and dispose of the useless items safely. Rental companies are great because they’ll come to your home or office, let you fill up the truck at your own pace, and then haul the whole bin away. Not only do you not have to worry about transportation, but they will also let you book in, according to your schedule.

If you have a junk bin around, you’re probably wondering: how can you utilize this big box when it’s not being used? Lucky for you, junk bins come in handy for a variety of purposes. Read on for 5 ways to use your junk bins today.

1. Construction site cleanup

If you’re undergoing a home renovation, remodel, or building an addition on your property, chances are that you used your junk bin rental to dispose of all the construction waste. However, another way you can use your bin is to store any waste that comes up between your scheduled disposal dates. This will keep your construction site clean and organized, and prevent any debris from building up.

2. Storage

Another benefit of junk bins is that you can use them as storage when they’re not being used for waste disposal. Bins are large enough to store any manner of items, from old furniture to books and gardening supplies. Make sure to pick out a bin big enough for your storage and disposal needs, and you’ll have a bin that doubles as a storage shed.

3. Large events

Throwing a party? Whether you’re hosting a reunion, benefit concert, or any other large gathering, a junk bin is a great place to get rid of the trash. Used plates, napkins, catering bins, and cloth are just some examples of items you could throw away in your junk bin rental. It’s a cost-effective way for you to focus on enjoying your event, while we handle your disposal needs.

4. Spring cleaning or house cleanouts

If you have neighbours who rented a dumpster, but you’re not sure why because they didn’t have construction going on, this is the reason. Many families will rent out a junk bin just for a massive decluttering project or spring cleaning effort. Dumpsters are perfect for everything from fences and lawnmowers to sofas and fridges. If you have items that you’ve been waiting to get rid of for some time, this is your chance. Utilize your rental to the fullest by sorting through your items and deciding what needs to be kept, thrown away, and donated. This will fill your bin up and help you make the most of your junk bin.

5. Recyclables

If you find your recycling bin overflowing every week, using your junk bin rental may be a good solution. Depending on when your recycling is picked up in Scarborough, you may find that carefully sorted-through recyclables are littering your lawn. Whether it’s paper, plastic, or cardboard, your rental is a great place to store it all.

There you have it: 5 ways to utilize your rental bin to the fullest! At Scarborough Disposal, we have over 30 years of experience in waste disposal. It’s the easiest way for getting rid of your trash: simply select your bin size, make an order over the phone or online, and your bin will arrive on time to your doorstep! The bin is then hauled away as soon as you’re done filling it.

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  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Yes, for sure!

  • Posted on 18-10-2021 by Greta James

    It is such a great idea to use rental bins for a large event. I am hosting a family reunion next summer and we will have nearly 200 people there. I think that it is a great idea to rent a bin for that week to help keep the venues clean.

  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Glad our article was helpful!

  • Posted on 06-09-2021 by Shammy Peterson

    I found it helpful when you said that rental bins could be used to dispose of construction waste to keep a site clean and organized. This is something that I will consider because I will have my house renovated next month. What I want is to ensure a clean and safe site, so I will consider having a trash compaction and a dumpster rented.