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4 Unexpected Benefits of Downsizing

Posted By On August 24 2022
4 unexpected benefits of downsizing

People tend to think about downsizing when there has been a big change and you no longer require all that extra space. This can be anything from children moving out, to medical issues, to a career change. 

Whatever the reason, did you know that there are benefits to downsizing that can have a big impact on your life? 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 unexpected benefits of downsizing.

1. Increased comfort in a smaller space

We buy our forever homes to feel comfortable and safe. This can often mean downsizing when a larger space is no longer needed. 

The act of downsizing has many unexpected benefits:

  • Save money. A smaller property means smaller bills and sometimes no mortgage. This frees up money to use for other things, things you enjoy doing or want to do. 
  • Lower carbon footprint. This happens when we use less energy to heat and power our homes. The less energy we use, the less impact on the environment we have and the more money we save in the long run. 
  • Less maintenance. If you are honest with yourself, who really likes cleaning? A smaller home means less cleaning and less work to maintain. This frees up your time, another important commodity.
  • Declutter. You can finally declutter the spare room, attic, garage, and all the other rooms that are overflowing with things you no longer need, use or want. 
  • Time.  Have you ever thought about how much time you spend away from your home? A smaller home in a new location can free up more time to spend with family and friends, or even just to relax and enjoy your new home. 

2. Downsize your home, upsize your wallet

The financial gain when we downsize can sometimes be enough to ensure we no longer have a mortgage, smaller utility bills, and more money to help us enjoy the things we love to do. 

People are also eager to buy up larger homes quickly, so there is a buyer out there just waiting for you and so you won’t have to wait for months on end for the property to sell. 

A reduced mortgage or even no mortgage at all is such a big benefit to your wallet. – especially in times like our current one. Rising prices at the gas pumps and grocery stores and the uncertainty of work mean that money is a priority now more than ever. No mortgage on your new home gives you that peace of mind, allowing you to focus on more important things. 

Retirees often use this as a way of finding the ‘right size’ when all the children have moved out, or if there are medical concerns that a larger house could negatively impact. 

By reducing the square footage of our home, we can reduce the amount of energy used to heat the home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Water rates are reduced if it doesn’t have to travel so far to get to our taps, toilets, showers, and washing machines. 

This lowers our carbon footprint, which is not only good for our wallets but good for the environment as well. 

Smaller spaces also take less time to clean and maintain. This means that there is more time to relax and enjoy your home. Decluttering when you start the moving process means that you end up taking less with you. Keeping only the important and sentimental things will add to the comfort of your new home. 

3. Time for you, time for them, time to downsize

When downsizing your home, you get the chance to look at moving to a new location, too. This could be a great chance to find the perfect home which means less time travelling to school and work or even to the grocery store. 

How much time do you actually spend in your home at the moment? Do you have a vacation in mind? A smaller home is easier to look after when you go away as there are fewer things that can go wrong. So someone watching the property has less space to check over for things like leaking or burst pipes. 

More time for you and the family is always a great feeling and a smaller home can provide that for you.

4. Declutter, destress!

A smaller space means that you will have less storage, so this is the perfect time to declutter so that you can make the best use of the space you will have. Decluttering doesn’t mean you need to get rid of everything you own, just the things that you no longer need.  

Taking less to your new home allows you to sort and take the items that mean the most, work, and are important. Decluttering allows you to sort through everything, organizing it neatly and making it easier to pack. 

One of the things you can do to assist with this is by renting a bin which you can fill with all the things you no longer need. That broken BBQ, all the worn-out or no longer fitting clothes, or just things in general that you no longer use, can all be put into a bin for sorting and disposed of later. 

For bin rental in Whitby and for many other areas in Toronto, there are options in regards to the type and size of the bin you want or need. By using one bin and a professional company, the stress of what you need to do with the items you are getting rid of is taken care of for you. 

The Time to Reach Out

With your new home picked out, reach out to Scarborough Disposal Ltd to get your rental bin to start the downsizing and decluttering process. 

You can contact us here or call us at 416-265-7979 and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and set you up with the right bin.

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