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4 Benefits of Proper Waste Management

Posted By On April 11 2023
4 benefits of proper waste management

There are many reasons to make sure you are correctly disposing of waste. Be it household, garden, or construction site waste, making sure it’s correctly disposed of benefits you, your community, and the environment. 

It doesn't have to be a difficult process. Proper disposal isn’t about wearing hazmat suits, breathing apparatus, and goggles, making you look like something out of a horror movie about the end of the world. It can be easily done from the comfort of your kitchen, garden, or even your spare room. 

Waste management incorporates recycling and reusing, as well as landfills. Let’s look at what this all means and how you can properly and safely carry out waste management.

1. The environmental impact

When certain things are disposed of incorrectly, it can cause a build-up of toxic gases in landfills. This can lead to issues for the workers at the facility, the people dumping garbage, and also the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. 

By knowing what you can recycle or donate (instead of dumping), you can help to protect the environment from soil erosion and chemical leaks into the water system and, possibly, into the drinking water for livestock in neighbouring farms. 

Food scraps can be composted at home, allowing you to replenish lost nutrients in your garden or vegetable patch. Electronic devices can also go to reuse centres to be broken down into parts and used again. Clothing can be donated to charities to help people in need as well.

Tires, fuel, oils, paints, and batteries all need special handling, so sending them to the landfill would be the wrong thing to do. Your local recycling centre can advise you on where to take these items so that they can be properly disposed of.

2. The economic impact

Proper waste management will also benefit the community you live and work in. 

Recycling what you can reduces the need to outsource new materials, especially from overseas. You also decrease the destruction of local resources to make new parts when they could have easily been obtained from recycled ones. 

Larger communities might invest in building a larger waste management site, which creates more jobs and helps stabilize the local economy. It is estimated that approximately 1600 jobs are created, supporting more than 200 families and businesses in these communities. 

If you are a business owner, you may find that your reputation increases and you are viewed as environmentally conscious when you conduct proper waste management. Some businesses have seen financial benefits as well.

3. Health benefits

We have all seen or known of that neighbour who lets the garbage pile up in their yard or has a collection of beaten-up and rusted vehicles or appliances they intend to use as projects. 

However, by allowing waste to build up, we risk attracting pests or spreading diseases, as rainwater spreads bacteria that have grown rampant in the poorly managed compost heap.  

In the not-so-distant past, garbage was often burned in dump sites, landfills, and even peoples’ backyards, thus releasing harmful gases into the air. Since this practice has almost fully stopped, air quality has improved through proper waste management.

Where waste management is taken seriously, people are less likely to develop allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions that can harm their health.

4. Lifestyle benefits

When you take the time to sort through your household waste, you may find items that are still in good condition and can be sold. This helps the environment and your wallet at the same time.

Maybe you want to save some money for home improvements or a well-earned vacation. Selling items that are still in good condition keeps them out of landfills and puts cash back in your wallet.  

It’s not just a financial issue either. By decluttering our homes or workspaces, we mentally and emotionally feel better. This can lead to an improvement in our overall health and well-being. Decluttering also helps us organize our spaces better, mostly by freeing space.

How easy is it to do?

Waste management starts at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated; by incorporating a few simple things into your daily routine, you will be on the way to a stress-free management program.

For example, you can get colour-coded bins to sort your garbage. Use blue for recyclables, green for compost, and black for general garbage. You can also use any cardboard boxes for donations.

What about the bigger projects, though, such as home renovations, garden rejuvenations, and even construction sites? How can you manage the waste and protect the environment and local communities with these larger tasks?

By working with a bin rental company that is a renowned specialist in proper waste management, you can get the right bin for your needs to make sure that the refuse is properly disposed of.

Fortunately, Scarborough Disposal Ltd. has the right bin for your needs. Whether it is a 4-yard bin or 40-yard roll off bins in Toronto, our expert team will make sure that you get what you need.

Let’s Remove the Big Stuff for You

Now that you are a pro in the day-to-day waste management game, let Scarborough Disposal Ltd. help you with the bigger projects.

With over 30 years in proper waste management, servicing the GTA and surrounding areas, we can guide you with removing the different types of refuse and even take it for you during your project.

Reach out to our expert, professional, and friendly team at 416-265-7979 or contact us here. We can walk you through your project and options. With the ability to do the job when you need us, we make the larger waste items a breeze to deal with.

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