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12 Garage Organization Tips You Need to Know

Posted By On May 03 2021
12 Garage Organization Tips You Need to Know

If that garage of yours has slowly inched your vehicles out onto the driveway, then it’s time to get organized. Many homeowners end up missing out on the security and convenience of having a garage because they have packed so much junk in the space that their vehicles lose their home. Garages offer protection from theft and the luxury of not having to remove snow from your vehicle in the winter.

If you are ready to take back your garage, then here are 12 tips you need to know.

1. Have a plan

Good organization starts with a plan. Decide your goal so you can make your way through everything with purpose. If you simply want to toss out everything, then your job is a lot easier. However, for most people, there will be a balance of things they still need or want to keep and things they can trash. There are some items you need to organize before you begin, including:

  • Arranging for a storage bin delivery
  • Renting a storage unit
  • Arranging for a disposal bin rental in Toronto

This will allow you to handle your belongings as you organize your garage.

2. Create categories

Next, start by simply deciding how you want to sort everything. Some easy “piles” to create include:

  • Things you use all the time
  • Things you want to keep, but don’t use
  • Things you can sell, donate, or give away
  • Junk

These categories make it easier to work your way through your stuff and sort everything more easily.

3. Start sorting

First, go easy on yourself. Depending on just how bad your garage is, it might take more than a day to finish this project. Your best bet is to work your way slowly through everything. With your categories in mind, start organizing everything. Place items you want to keep (but don’t use) in your storage bin. Anything that you want to sell or give away can be placed in one corner of the garage, while the stuff you need and use can be placed in another.

Everything else goes in your dumpster or junk pile. Unless you literally can’t move around in your garage, you don’t have to pull everything out. Your goal is to categorize everything so you can determine what can stay and what needs to go.

4. Decide on selling vs. donating

You might find that you have some items of value, which you can consider selling. This way, you can earn some extra money that can help cover the costs of your storage and junk removal service. Another thing you can do is reach out to friends and family on social media and post pictures of the things you want to give away. Anything left over you can either sell or donate.

Make sure you post a deadline for pickup, or you might end up with having to store the items, which defeats the purpose of your organization. You can also consider offering to drop it off. The goal is to clean the garage out of anything you won’t be keeping as soon as possible.

5. Call junk removal

Next, call a professional disposal bin rental company to arrange for them to pick up your junk.

6. Call your storage service

Set up a time with your storage service to come and pick up your storage bin.

7. Tackle organization

Now that everything you don’t want is gone, you have a clean palette to organize all your stuff. Some tips include:

  • Consider the items you use most often, such as the lawn mower or bikes, and make sure they have a prominent, easy-to-reach location.
  • Invest in some basic storage solutions such as hooks and cabinets to help keep things like hoses, garden tools, and smaller sports equipment organized.
  • Use your storage items to sort things logically, using size and use to categorize and group items so you can find them easily.

Your garage walls provide tons of space, so see how high up you can go with your shelves. Also, consider the roof area to add some more shelves in order to maximize storage for lesser-used items like holiday décor or seasonal sports equipment like skates and toboggans.

8. Remember safety

Make sure that your storage solutions are safe, using these tips:

  • Avoid just piling and stacking stuff that can easily be knocked over.
  • Shelves and storage cupboards should be safely secured to the wall, using proper screws so there is no danger of anything toppling over.
  • For things stored overhead, avoid having anything hanging over the shelves and consider securing them with bungee cords to reduce risk of falling items.

Also, read the instructions on cans of items such as paints, pesticides, etc., and be sure to follow directions on safe storage.

9. Workbench

If space allows and you tend to be handy, consider installing a workbench. This is an excellent place for you to complete projects, and can be organized with a pegboard and hooks on the wall to hang smaller and more frequently used tools.

10. Disposal options

Keep in mind that some of your junk might require special disposal, as it is considered hazardous material. In this case, check your local waste disposal website to see what is considered hazardous and how you can dispose of it safely. Your trash removal options are basically having a junk removal service come in and remove your trash, or a renting a disposal bin that homeowners fill on their own and then have picked up.

11. Security

You might want to consider the security of your garage once everything is organized. Are your garage doors operational? Do they lock? What about your side door?

12. Garage use

Last but not least, take a look at your finished work and decide if you want to use the space for something other than vehicle storage. Some options might include:

  • Creating a gym
  • Designing a mancave
  • Installing equipment and a workbench for a workshop
  • Having a playroom for the kids
  • Setting up an office space

The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget.

These garage organization tips will help you maximize your space, while also making it easier to find everything. If you are ready to get organized, call our team at Scarborough Disposal to schedule your disposal bin rental today.

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