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The Do’s and Don’Ts of Throwing Away Appliances

Posted By On November 17 2023
What we need to know about throwing away appliances

Your home is filled with appliances that save time and energy; while doing some pretty innovative stuff. But let’s face it, high-end appliances can wear out. When your old microwave or blender breaks down, what do you do with it? What about the working models you no longer want because you’re planning to upgrade to the newest version?

Before you throw your old microwave into a landfill, remember this: Some appliances are made with potentially hazardous materials such as mercury, which can harm the environment. Many regions have specific guidelines for appliance disposal, and you could get fined if you dispose of appliances incorrectly.

Rather than lugging an old dishwasher or laundry machine to your curbside and hoping your local garbage collection will pick it up, be proactive and learn how to properly dispose of old appliances by donating, selling or recycling them.

At Scarborough Disposal, we can help you dispose of your home appliances safely as we provide the best bin rental in Scarborough and the GTA. Before you start chucking stuff out in the garbage, check out the various dos and don’ts of properly throwing away appliances.

Donate Working Appliances to Charity Stores

Donating working appliances to secondhand stores and charities is the first option you should look into because you can make a difference in someone’s life by helping them get the appliance they need while saving money.


  • Contact your local Salvation Army and Goodwill to find out how to donate appliances
  • Contact your local Value Village to learn which appliances they take
  • Contact your local homeless shelter to see if they need appliances
  • Be sure to check the appliances you are going to donate are working properly
  • Clean and sanitize the appliances you want to donate before taking them to the donation centre or local charities


  • Do not donate what they don’t accept
  • Do not break the guidelines of each donation centre
  • Do not donate appliances that do not work properly or are damaged
  • Don’t just turn up and dump it on their property

Selling your Appliances

If donating your working appliances isn’t your thing, selling your appliances can put some extra cash in your pocket.


  • Host a garage sale and make friends with the locals in your neighbourhood
  • Advertise your appliances on these online classified services: Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace
  • Include the exact model information and recent photos of the appliances you want to sell in the advertisement
  • When potential buyers reach out, be honest with them about the age, condition and price


  • Don’t price gauge; be fair with pricing, and you will have an easier time
  • Don’t place generic photos of the appliance — take photos of the current condition of the appliances, so potential buyers know what it looks like now
  • Once potential buyers inquire about the item, don’t ask for more that is posted on the advertisement

Recycle Your Appliances

If you want to go ‘green’, the most environmentally-friendly disposal option is to recycle your appliances. The best part of recycling is that you contribute positively to the environment by reducing waste.


  • Contact your city’s local recycling centre to find out which appliances they accept; Toronto’s recycling centre requires you to pay a minimum fee
  • According to the province you live in, your local recycling centre has guidelines set up for recycling — be sure to review and call ahead to check to see which appliances they accept and what the fees are
  • Before dropping off appliances at a recycling centre, double-check that all appliances are working and clean
  • Handle all appliances with care and strap them securely to your car or van before taking them to a drop-off location


  • Avoid dropping off appliances that do not meet the requirements of the recycling centre as you could get fined
  • Prepare for multiple trips if you don’t have enough space in your vehicle to store all appliances for drop off
  • Do not treat the recycling centre as a dumpster for broken or non-usable appliances
  • Don’t leave a mess of scraps, ropes, and any materials you needed to secure the appliance after dropping them off

Dumping Your Appliances Curbside

If your city picks up bulky appliances such as ovens and refrigerators, this option might work out for you if you live in a residential area.


  • Call your city’s garbage collection and check to see if they will accept your appliances
  • Be selective on which appliances you want curbside pick up; choose the biggest and heaviest items over small appliances
  • Limit the number of large appliances for curbside pick up
  • Pay the additional fees for large item pick up
  • Check the right day and week for pick-up before you dump


  • Do not place your appliances on your curbside and assume your city’s garbage collection will pick them up
  • Do not leave out appliances that are made with hazardous materials, such as laptops, computers and televisions

Hire a Garbage Bin Rental Service

If you have a few large and heavy appliances or electronics that you would like to dispose of, hiring a garbage bin rental might be the best option.


  • Contact your local garbage bin rental service and inquire about the rates for your items
  • Once you have decided on a garbage bin rental service, find out their schedule
  • A day before your scheduled pick-up day, confirm the items with the garbage bin rental company


  • On the day of your scheduled pick up, do not add extra appliances when the garbage bin employees arrive
  • Do not block the chosen appliances when picked up — clear a space for the garbage bin employees to have access to the items

To learn more about what you should do if you need to throw away an appliance, call Scarborough Disposal at 647-360-9566 or contact us here.

*Updated November 2023


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  • Posted on 06-09-2022 by Scarborough Disposal

    Hi Dorothy,

    I don’t know of any companies off hand that would remove it for free. Perhaps it might be worth asking your building manager to see if they can help.

    Good luck!

  • Posted on 24-08-2022 by Dorothy Heldt

    are there recycling companies that will take my medium sized upright freezer FREE OF COST. I live in a condominium in Mississauga close to Square One area. Our condo does not provide disposable service.
    Would appreciate your early response. Thank you.

  • Posted on 18-05-2022 by Amy Saunders

    Phew! Thank goodness you reminded us to allocate a small amount of payment should we choose to let a third party to get rid of our used appliances right in front of our door. I just discovered an old fridge while cleaning my parent’s basement yesterday and after a few tries it certainly doesn’t work anymore. I’ll hire a professional company to remove the item accordingly sooner or later.