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Roof Replacement, Bins

Posted By On February 20 2019

We’re watching this rollercoaster of a Winter go up and down, snow and ice, warmth and chill. The wear and tear on the roads, our cars, our homes…. You may be looking at a roof replacement this Spring.

While the disposal bin might seem like an afterthought, it can be what makes the repair go smoothly or turn into a nightmare. Poorly placed bins cause a mess. Badly placed bins can damage your property. Tight spaces can limit your options for most.

At Scarborough Disposal Ltd., we pride ourselves not only on our professionalism, but also the quality of our driver’s skills. Where others have failed, our team has succeeded. On time, on the spot, for as long as needed.

Insist on Scarborough Disposal Ltd. You’ll be glad you did.

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