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How to Start a Clutter-Free New Year With Junk Disposal

Posted By On December 26 2023
How to start a clutter-free new year with junk disposal

The start of a new year is just around the corner. This is the time when everyone starts making resolutions about how they are going to lead a better life and achieve personal goals in the future. For some people, these goals may revolve around eating better, while for others, it may include exercising more or improving spending habits.

However, one goal that everyone should consider adding to their list when it comes time to make resolutions is to cut down on the clutter around their home, and get rid of junk they do not need so they can reclaim their space and enjoy it more fully.

It is natural for people to accumulate things over time. However, if your home has become overrun with such items, it is definitely a good idea to direct some attention and energy into serious decluttering.

The cusp of a new year is the perfect time to do this. Rather than telling yourself you will get rid of certain things eventually, make this the year that you regain control over the cleanliness of your house.

Best Practices to Remove Clutter

Sometimes, it can be hard to tackle overly ambitious New Year’s resolutions, and by February or March, it is certain that some of your friends and family will have already given up on their goals.

To avoid this same fate with your resolution to declutter, create an action plan. This will ultimately result in a clean and organized living space. The following are some of the most important things to keep in mind when eliminating clutter now and in the new year:

1. Set a timeline with specific goals

If you tend to procrastinate, especially when it comes to tasks like cleaning and organizing, the best thing you can do is create a concrete plan for how you intend to declutter your space.

Make a map of your home that includes all the clutter hot spots you would like to tackle. This will help you decide on your priorities throughout this process. Then, create a timeline for your clean-up, and think of specific goals that align with that timeline, either on a daily or weekly basis.

For instance, you may want to clean and declutter your living room today, while your kitchen could be the primary focus tomorrow, and your bedroom the next day. If you break up the decluttering process into smaller goals, it will not feel as overwhelming. Each time that you meet a goal, you will feel satisfied and motivated to keep the process going.

2. Create a sorting system

As you are going through all of your things, it helps to have a system in place for sorting items. The most standard sorting approach here involves using three boxes (or just starting three different piles). Create one for items you want to keep, another for items you wish to donate, and a third for things you plan to throw away.

Make sure you are honest with yourself as you are sorting items, and only add them to the keep box if you are certain you will use them or if they are valuable to you in some way. As for the things you decide not to keep, consider whether or not someone else will find use for them. If not, it would be best to discard them.

3. Establish effective storage methods

If you do not have suitable places to store the things you decide to keep as you declutter, they are bound to end up in a pile somewhere in the future, contributing to further cluttering.

However, if you implement a good storage system and stick to it, you can keep clutter away for considerably longer. Depending on the types and sizes of your things, this could mean investing in storage bins to put things in or shelves to place them on.

If you go the bin route, make sure that you label them sufficiently to keep things organized so that it is always easy to find something when needed. If you can’t fit everything in your bins or on your shelves (or you’ve run out of room), move back to the sorting phase. You may have kept too much, and more donating and discarding may be necessary.

How Scarborough Disposal Ltd. Can Help You Start Your Clutter-Free New Year on the Right Foot

A big part of going through everything in your house and decluttering is simply getting rid of many things. During this process, you may want to look into junk bin rental in Toronto.

If you find yourself in such a predicament, Scarborough Disposal Ltd. can be of assistance, as we offer a one-stop shop for all of your disposal bin rental needs. We have various garbage bin types and sizes available for rent, ranging from 4-yard bins to 40-yard bins. Thus, no matter how much you have to get rid of as you declutter, our bins will suffice.

We understand that the holiday season leading up to the new year is an incredibly busy and hectic time for everyone. The last thing our customers need at such a time is to deal with a complicated rental process.

That is why we have made our garbage bin rental process as easy as possible with three simple steps. All you have to do is select your bin size, order it online or over the phone, and we will drop it off to you in Toronto, Scarborough, Beaches, Leaside, Pickering, or Ajax in no time.

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