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How To Properly Load A Dumpster

Posted By On June 10 2019
Loading a Dumpster

Things to remember when loading a dumpster:

Flatten Your Cardboard Boxes

Boxes when put together and just thrown into the dumpster can form empty spaces. Make sure when you disassemble them that they are flattened so those empty spaces don’t happen.

Bulk Items

Bulky large items should be loaded first. Usually they are the heavier items. Make sure to spread it out to help distribute the weight out evenly. Remembering this bin/dumpster will be hauled away on a truck. Smaller items can then be thrown in and around the larger ones filling up the spaces.

Don’t Load Too High

If you exceed the top of the dumpster with your waste, this can cause potential issues with load weight distribution and debris falling out while in transport. It is important to discuss with an agent or driver the proper filling limit of each container.

Break Things Down

Where possible you will want to break things down into smaller pieces. This will help with filling those gaps and allow you to put more into the dumpster.

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