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How to Know You Are Working With a Reputable Garbage Disposal Company

Posted By On February 09 2023
How to know you are working with a reputable garbage disposal company

The time has come to clear out your home or start those renovations. One thing you are considering, no doubt, is renting a dumpster to help you with bigger projects.

When you talk about doing any form of home DIY project that requires getting a dumpster, you might think to yourself, “All I need to do is to call the first one an internet search gives me, and we are done.”

However, there are serious things to consider. For example, are they a green company, what are their rates, and how long can you rent a bin for? Are you able to visit the premises and see what you are renting before you rent it? How reliable are they, and will they arrive on time?

Let’s walk through the things you should know, the things you should be asking, and the things you need to look out for, so that you can be sure you are working with the right company.

Real Location, Real Company

A reputable company will have an actual location that will be open to the public, either every day or on certain days, so that you can visit the business and see the bins available for rent.

Companies that only have a PO box address listed make it hard to verify that they are a legitimate company, as you cannot visit them and see the products they have on-site.

For any company you are interested in working with, it’s always best to call ahead of time and speak to their customer service team. Are they knowledgeable about the job, friendly, and respectful? Many companies will rent you a bin, but don’t have the customer service skills to deal with any questions or issues.  

Following the pandemic, many companies have increased their online presence, but this has also led to an increase in scammers. So, by checking out their physical location and customer service, you can ensure their legitimacy and protect yourself from being scammed.

Keeping Your Carbon Footprint Small

Environmental issues and awareness are ever-increasing. Thus, choosing to work with a company that can help you reduce your carbon footprint is always the best option. 

Working with a company that takes the environment seriously and works with you to take necessary precautions to help protect it and follow regulated guidelines and bylaws will result in the proper disposal of items and a clean conscience.

Companies that assist with the cleanup of a job site and correct disposal of items add to the environmental strategies that help to reduce waste, increase efficient recycling, and decrease the overall negative effect on the environment. 

Being able to sort through and separate the recyclable materials from the rest of the waste is part of the job. Once materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metals, and even computers and other electronic waste have been sorted, the remaining waste then goes to landfill. The recyclable materials are taken to a recycling centre for proper management.

See No Bin, Rent No Bin

A large perk of being able to visit a rental company is that you get to check out the bins they have on offer. 

This allows you to see the sizes they have, so you can better visualize what you need for your project. You can also see the quality of the bin, thus helping you ensure there is no damage that could result in debris or junk falling out. 

You can also talk to the staff on-site about your project, and they can help you navigate through what you can and cannot put in the bins. Using a bin to assist you in removing debris and other items when doing renovations is a fantastic tool. However, not everything can go into a bin. 

It’s also a great time to talk to the staff and ask them a few questions. This will help you to understand what they can offer, how they can help, and what you need before you start.

Frequently asked questions include:

  • Are you licensed and insured?

  • What materials can I actually put in the bin to dispose of?

  • What are the weight limits of the bins?

  • Typically, how long can I rent the bin for?

  • Do I need to contact the local police station for permits before you deliver the bin?

  • Is there anything I need to do prior to the delivery?

  • What do I do with any materials you cannot take? 

Garbage Disposal in Toronto

When it comes to ensuring you have the right bin for the job, Scarborough Disposal Ltd. has everything you need, including a trained, expert, professional, and friendly team to help you along the way. Being reliable, flexible, and eco-friendly, we have everything, all in one easy place.

With over 30 years of experience, we can make sure that your junk is removed and correctly disposed of, thus taking the stress and hassle out of doing it yourself. We deliver the bin right to your door (or wherever you need it), and remove it on your specified date.

With a driveway-friendly bin service, we are able to deliver the bin without too much of an inconvenience to your neighbours and local traffic. 

Licensed and fully insured, we take your project seriously. We can remove almost all debris and items and dispose of them correctly. We also provide free estimates so that you can see all the fees upfront, with no hidden costs. We take the time to get to know you and your needs first and foremost. 

With coverage for the GTA and other areas, there is a local office waiting to help you. To get in touch, call (416)-265-7979 or contact us online here.

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