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How Garbage Bin Rentals Help With DIY Home Remodeling

Posted By On September 21 2022
How garbage bin rentals help with DIY home remodeling

DIY projects of any kind always generate a mess—it just can’t be avoided. Home remodelling is no exception. Tearing down a wall or two, or removing cupboards, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures all create waste that needs to be removed.

While some projects are necessary to replace or repair broken appliances, some are needed to create a bigger area or update the features within a space. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to plan ahead, decide what you are going to start with, coordinate with supplies being delivered, and, more importantly, how to remove all the waste that the project will generate.

Bin rentals are great, as they come in different sizes and can be delivered right to your door and then taken away again on a scheduled date. This gives you a deadline to work towards in order to get the project finished.

Bin rentals also help to alleviate the stress and worry about trash building up, bylaw fines, and potential theft.

Working Out Where to Start

You might walk into a room and just stare at the travesty that is the wallpaper, carpet, outdated cabinets, or light fixtures. Maybe that rattling sound coming from your washing machine has become louder overnight and you can’t stand to hear it anymore.

You know that this has all got to change, or just simply go and be replaced.

Over the next couple of days, you research paint colours, new lighting fixtures, and cabinets. Do you want hardwood flooring or vinyl? If you are replacing one appliance, why not two so that they match? You create the perfect room according to the picture in your mind.

Next, you start sourcing out materials, getting price quotes from different places, and scouting out where the load-bearing walls are, just in case you want to open up the room and expand it into the next one. Then, of course, those walls, floors, and cabinets also need to be upgraded to match the new aesthetic. The list goes on.

While you are working out the logistics of tearing down walls, ripping out old furniture, and bringing in new things, you should also look at what to do with the waste that you will inevitably create.

There are several aspects that you need to consider when working out what to do with the waste:

  • Sell or donate. Are there any items that you are getting rid of that are still in good enough condition so that someone else could benefit? You can always sell these things online, do a garage sale, or even take them to a donation center.

  • Reuse or recycle. Large products such as washing machines may still have some working parts that could be reused or recycled. Even dryers, lawnmowers, and other appliances could be broken down and recycled.

  • Landfill. There are always items that can’t be dealt with by selling or recycling. In such cases, the landfill is the only place for them to go. This includes things like drywall, flooring, or broken-up cabinets.

Why should you invest in renting a bin?

It is important to contact your local refuse center in regards to your regular trash pickups. Some will not take bulky items, or they only take them on certain days. As well, some won’t take the bins if they are overfilled and the bags are stacked up next to them.

Knowing this before you start will help you determine if the waste can go into the regular garbage or if a bin is required.

Bin rentals do take the stress out of the messy side of DIY projects. Whether you are just repainting a room or gutting the whole house, bin rentals offer an easy solution to clear away the clutter and have it disposed of without adding extra worry to your shoulders.

Trash from DIY jobs can mount up quickly, and you want to avoid it piling up on your sidewalk or driveway. This not only creates issues with space, but it can be unsightly and the neighbours may complain. Bins take this mess and hide it away. There may also be bylaws prohibiting large amounts of garbage, so you want to avoid fines.

Additionally, bins will help to deter potential thieves from rummaging through the pile, or worse, breaking into the property to steal the new fixtures.

There is also the added benefit of saving money. Frequent trips to donation, reuse, or recycling centers add up in terms of gas and time. Having a dedicated bin on-site saves you both. You can get the project done faster without having to allocate all that time to dispose of waste. At some centers, too, there could be fees to have the items taken.

While some bins are not to be used for clean fill (meaning items that can be reused or recycled), a specialist will discuss your needs and ensure that you get the right bin for the project.

When it comes to garbage bin rentals in Leaside, Scarborough Disposal has you covered. With bins in varying sizes, some designed to fit into small or tight spaces, and some designed for larger areas and projects, the right bin will hold all the waste you can possibly make and more.

Call Scarborough Disposal and Let’s Get You Started.

Bins range in size and are designed to accommodate all types of projects. They are available in the Leaside area in the following sizes:

  • 4-yard bin: This is the perfect size for gardening projects.

  • 10-yard bin: Just right for small renovations such as bathrooms.

  • 14-yard bin: Holds clean fill, concrete or brick, and up to 180 bundles of shingles. Great for cleaning out a garage!

  • 20-yard bin: Great for reno projects, cleaning out a house or kitchen renovations.

  • 40-yard bin: Our largest bin for the larger demolition projects and house clean outs.

Renting from Scarborough Disposal couldn’t be simpler. Our experts are ready to help you make the right decision on the size and style of the bin you need, book the dates you want, and have the bin delivered directly to your property.

You can reach Scarborough Disposal online here or call us directly at 416-265-7979.

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