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Posted By On October 24 2018

It’s been said that about 5% of the world’s population are hoarders and about 15% of that realize they have a problem. When dealing with these individuals it’s important to remain calm. You can’t force them to get better but you can provide them with a supportive environment that encourages them to seek help and make recovery possible according to Good Therapy.

They also state these helpful hints:

  • Don’t take their possessions

  • Don’t enable the behavior

  • Educate yourself

  • Recognize small victories

  • Help them sort their belongings

  • Don’t clean up for them

  • Help them find treatment

Signs of a Hoarder according to the ADAA website:

  • Inability to throw away possessions

  • Severe anxiety when attempting to discard items

  • Great difficulty categorizing or organizing possessions

  • Indecision about what to keep or where to put things

  • Distress, such as feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed by possessions

  • Suspicion of other people touching items

  • Obsessive thoughts and actions: fear of running out of an item or of needing it in the future; checking the trash for accidentally discarded objects

  • Functional impairments, including loss of living space, social isolation, family or marital discord, financial difficulties, health hazards

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