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Four Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garbage Bin

Posted By On July 12 2023
Four ways to keep pests out of your garbage bin

There’s nothing worse than coming outside and finding out that pests have been in your garbage bins. They may have tossed items outside the container, leaving you a mess to clean up. Or worse, they may make themselves home in your garbage bin!

In the warmer months, you may also have to deal with insects attracted to your garbage, making it unsanitary for your staff to use the bins or even dangerous if there are bees and wasps.

Fortunately, several great ways to keep pests out of your garbage bins exist. We have prepared a comprehensive list that includes some helpful tips and tricks you should consider. To learn more, keep reading ahead.

1. Ensure That Your Garbage Bin Is Always Closed and Latched

One of the best ways to ensure that pests can’t get into your disposal bin is to have it closed and latched. It’s best to have it closed whenever it’s not in use, but it should definitely be closed after using it for the day.

Depending on the type of bin you have, you can either lock it or latch it closed. These options will help deter rodents from getting into your garbage bin. If your disposal bin has no attached latches or a way to lock them, you can buy them separately.

2. There Should Be No Waste Or Standing Water Near Your Garbage Bins

Another way to help deter pests from your disposal bins is to avoid having any waste or standing water near your garbage bins. Waste outside your disposal bins is like an invitation to any animal or insect that can smell it, which makes them more likely to try to investigate and get into your garbage bin!

Standing water attracts insects, such as mosquitos, cockroaches and termites. Standing water can be a significant problem if your disposal bin is near your business or home, as it may spread inside, becoming a potential health hazard.

3. Install Traps For Insects And Rodents

While the best-case scenario is avoiding insects and rodents being attracted to your disposal bin, that’s not always possible. So, you have to deal with them; one way to do this is to install traps.

You can choose from various options for insects, including light traps, glue boards, and bait traps. For rodents, such as mice, there are also several options, such as jaw traps and bucket traps.

If you have issues with larger pests, such as raccoons, check with your municipality about the local laws for trapping and releasing them.

4. Don’t Put Out Smelly Waste Until The Last Minute

There’s nothing that attracts insects and rodents like smelly waste, such as fish or overripe fruit. If you have to put this kind of waste in your disposal bin, try not to put it in until shortly before waste pick-up time.

Delaying placing garbage in the bin may only sometimes be a viable option. So you can also investigate how to get rid of pest-attracting smells. Contact pest management professional companies to learn about what your options are when it comes to this kind of approach.

What kind of disposal bins does Scarborough Disposal supply?

If you live or work in or around Toronto, and need to rent a disposal bin, then we’ve got many options for you at Scarborough Disposal. You can select from the following sizes of containers

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  • 10-Yard Bin: A 10-yard container is ideal for disposing of items like a modest amount of shingles or waste from bathroom or kitchen renovations.
  • 14-Yard Bin: This bin is large enough to hold about half the contents of a single-car garage. It’s an excellent option for items like concrete or rubble.
  • 20-Yard Bin:A 20-yard size is great if you’re decluttering your whole house.
  • 40-Yard Roll-Off Bin:This large bin works well for furniture, renovation waste or demolition waste.

The next step is to contact us online or by phone about renting a bin. We can discuss bin options and ensure you know what you can and can’t put in our containers. For example, you can’t put items like concrete, bricks, soil, or rocks in our largest bins.

Once we’ve determined the best bin for you to rent, we’ll ask you where and when you want the container delivered and how long you want to keep it. After that, you’ve done everything you need to do–and we’ll show up with your bin!

Keep Your Garbage Bins Safe From Pests

You can help keep your garbage bins (commercial or residential) safe from pests by ensuring they are properly closed and secured, and the area around them is clean. Hence, it isn’t attractive to pests.

If you need to rent a disposal bin for any project, we can help you at Scarborough Disposal. We rent containers in various sizes and can dispose of anything from fences to furnaces!

Contact Us To Learn More About Renting A Toronto Disposal Bin

We’re here to help you find the perfect disposal bin for your needs! You can call us at 416-265-7979 or contact us online to get started today.

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