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Finding The Right Contractor For Your Reno

Posted By On July 17 2019
Finding The Right Contractor

Here are a few great suggestions before you decide on any particular contractor. It’s easy to just call a couple of places and take their word for it. But you might end up regretting that decision as we are all aware of horror stories others have been through. Keeping this list in mind when choosing a contractor may alleviate some of that stress.

  1. Get multiple estimates: There is nothing wrong with meeting with many contractors for your particular project. Shopping around is one of the best practices. We do suggest that you keep the contractor local to where the work is being done. This will make things easier if something should go wrong as they may be easier to get a hold of. Ask your friends and family on contractors they may have used in the past. Check their License and Insurance.
  2. History: Get references from them and make sure to follow up on it. Just don’t take their word. Find out if they use sub-contractors as well. and what jobs they do. If so, ask if you can contact them as well and question if the initial contractor pays on time
  3. Plan: This is one of the most important. Don’t call in a contractor to discuss what you should do with the space. Have a plan before that meeting so everything can be clear and concise when its discussed. Make sure this is well documented.
  4. Payment: Don’t pay upfront. The contractor shouldn’t require much of a down payment to hold your spot in their work queue. Some believe this is 10%, but it can be discussed. You don’t want your payment going to complete someone else’s job. Never write a cheque to a person, always to a business.
  5. Understand your right to cancel: What happens if you have to cancel your project? Life happens, what are the penalties if any at all?
  6. Contract: As stated above, make sure there is a cancellation clause in the contract so their are no questions. Do not sign any contract that has blanked spaces or sections. Make sure its clear and maybe have it checked by a lawyer before signing.
  7. Delays: These can happen at any time for any reason, understand this before going in. This is not always the fault of the contractor and it should be discussed ahead of time. Start dates and End dates are part of the above contract but delays can cause problems and can come out of no where. Expect them.
  8. Keep a job file: Keep your contract and all the supporting documents in one folder. Your file should also contain any change orders, plans and specifications, bills and invoices, canceled checks, and certificates of insurance and any letters, notes, or correspondence with the contractor.

These are just a few of the things to consider when choosing a contractor. Take your time, think it through and check references and reviews. Keep in mind that some reviews may be phony. This goes for the negative as well as the positive. But this is why we check references and other things. Right?

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