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3 Cleaning Hacks to Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Posted By On February 06 2024
3 cleaning hacks to help you beat the winter blues

We are getting to that point in the winter when everyone is starting to feel the lack of vitamin D, getting sick of seeing grey skies and snow-covered lawns, and praying for warmer weather in the near future. 

It is hard to avoid the winter blues, especially when the fun of the holiday season has worn off, and it just feels like the snowy and frigid weather is endless. Once that seasonal depression sinks in, it can be difficult to shake it.

Although it may come as a surprise, one of the key activities that is a proven mood-booster when you are feeling blue is cleaning!

Believe it or not, cleaning and organizing your home gives you a sense of accomplishment and releases dopamine. It also helps make your house more functional so that you can get back to hosting get-togethers, which will also help put you in a better mood.

Cleaning Hacks to Tackle Seasonal Depression

When seasonal depression starts to sink in, it is easy to lose the motivation to stay on top of your household chores and pay less attention to the general upkeep of your home.

Once that happens, feelings of guilt about the state of your house may even add to your depression, contributing to a vicious cycle. However, getting things back in order and tidying up will do wonders for your mental state and for the physical state of your house. The following are some of the best cleaning hacks to alleviate your winter blues:

1. Clean the windows and curtains

One of the main reasons many people suffer from seasonal depression is because of the lack of sunlight during the colder months. 

Thus, getting as much light as possible during these months could make a serious difference in your mental state. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to maximize the sunlight in your house.

When you clean your window dressing and the windows themselves, it will encourage you to open the shades more often and allow more beneficial sunlight into your home to brighten up the living space and your mood. 

If possible, take down your curtains and wash them; if not, you should at least give them a thorough vacuum or a steam clean to freshen them up. If you have window blinds, make sure you dust them well.

It also helps to clean your window panes, at least on the inside. Depending on the weather and how much time you have, you may want to give the outside of the windows a solid cleaning, too.

2. Declutter the pantry and fridge

When you have seasonal depression, you may not feel like cooking as often as you normally do. At the same time, you may also neglect to clean the fridge and pantry for extended periods.

If your fridge is full of leftovers in takeout boxes or items in the fridge or pantry have passed their expiry date, it is time to do some decluttering.

Not only will making space in these vital areas of your home and reorganizing them help to tidy things up, but it will also make room for healthier foods to boost your physical and mental state.

As you are tossing things out, keep in mind that most condiments do not last more than two months in the fridge, with few exceptions (for example, syrup, ketchup, mustard, and soy sauce). Also, get rid of anything that has a freezer burn or any homemade food that has been in the freezer for longer than six weeks. 

In your pantry, throw out any whole-grain flour and nuts if they have gone bad, along with any dried ground spices that have been in there for longer than six months.

3. Identify stressor areas and tidy them up

Often, there may be areas of your home that can be particularly significant sources of stress when they get cluttered. Identify these spaces, and do some spot cleaning when necessary to prevent them from negatively affecting your mood. 

These areas may include your desk, bedroom, kitchen counter, or even the personal bathroom. As you are cleaning these spaces, consider what you really need so that you can remove the amount of excess items taking up room.

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