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12 Reasons to Hire a Professional Waste Disposal Company

Posted By On February 15 2022
Reasons to hire a professional waste disposal company

Home renovation projects can get messy, so be sure to rent disposal bins in Toronto to keep your project on track. Here are twelve reasons you should hire a waste disposal company. 

1. Be efficient 

Doing a home renovation project or any kind of project is time-sensitive, so renting a disposal bin makes it easier for you and your team to dump your stuff. Having the disposal bin right on your property allows you to keep your project on track with your schedule. 

2. Conduct your project in phases

Renting a disposal bin when managing a big project helps break up your project into phases. You can estimate how long it will take to complete the project when splitting it up into stages from the day you get your bin. The benefit of having a disposal bin at your fingertips is that if you do not finish your project on time, just contact the disposal bin company to renew the rental contract.  

3. Disposal bins are easy to use 

If you didn’t rent disposal bins in Toronto, you’d have to resort to throwing out waste in garbage bags and managing disposal all on your own. We suggest renting a disposal bin because they are so easy to use. Simply dump all the trash and items you want to get rid of in one go and the disposal company will take care of the rest. 

4. Bin rentals save you money 

If you have a budget for your project, request an estimate from your waste disposal company. You can adjust your budget by adding or subtracting services. Hiring a disposal bin saves you money because you’re only charged one basic fee, and you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket as there are no hidden fees. 

5. Bin rentals can handle big items

If your project involves removing big items such as trees, bushes, or large pieces of debris, a disposal bin can handle it. Disposal bins come in a few different sizes to accommodate the waste that wouldn’t be disposed of in regular garbage bins. 

6. It’s good for the environment

Renting a disposal bin is better for the environment because when the waste disposal company removes the disposal bin, it reduces the CO2 emissions from the dump vehicle. Also, by reducing the usage of plastic bags, you can be sure that any biodegradable waste you get rid of, such as grass, plants, and leaves, will be dumped properly without polluting the environment.  

7. Disposal bins are convenient

It’s pretty convenient when you have a disposal bin to dump everything into one space. You never have to worry about your house getting dirty, and you can still access the space around your property without blocking your way. Most people who rent disposal bins have them placed on their driveway where it won’t obstruct your path, and it’s a convenient place to dump debris and items without damaging your home.  

8. Disposal bins keep the area safe  

By dumping all of your different types of waste materials in a disposal bin, you prevent the chance of accidents like toxic spills from occurring. When your project ends, your contractor should be experienced in following the laws and regulations relating to dumping the contents in your disposal bin safely. The main benefit of hiring a waste disposal company is that you’re never responsible for dumping the materials; the contractor takes care of that. 

9. You don’t need to sort items

When you rent a disposal bin, you don’t have to sort through the items you throw out. For example, when you don’t have a disposal bin, you’ll end up spending days going through all the things and waste you threw out, such as yard clippings, debris, and old furniture. Once the disposal bin is hauled away, someone else does the sorting at the landfill.  

10. You don’t need to rush through a project

If you decide to take a day off from a project, you don’t have to worry about rushing to finish your project because some waste disposal companies are willing to give you an extra day of renting the disposal bin without charging you a late fee. But if you have to postpone your project for more than a week, you should contact them to see what additional charges could be imposed. 

11. Have the choice to request more space 

Underestimated the amount of space you needed? If you need more, you can request a bigger bin delivered the same day you fill-up the first disposal bin. 

12. Disposal bins can be quickly picked up

Once you have completed your project, your disposal bin can easily be collected from your property. If you finish earlier than your contract states, give your waste disposal provider a call and arrange a convenient time for them to come to pick it up.

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