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9 Different Types of Garbage Bins, and Why They Are Important

Posted By On April 23 2024
9 different types of garbage bins, and why they are important

While garbage disposal bins may seem limited in choice, there is a wide variety of options available. Depending on various factors, the kind of garbage bin you will need is likely to change.

When deciding on a garbage bin best suited for your needs, you should consider the type of trash you will be disposing of, the amount of trash you will need to remove, and where the bin will be kept.

Also, consider whether or not it will need to be transported. Once you think over these factors, you can decide on an appropriate bin for you based on its size, shape, type, and material.

If you want your garbage bin to meet your requirements and serve you well, it is crucial to be picky about these factors. Choosing the right garbage bin for your needs from the start (whether you are purchasing a new bin or renting one temporarily) will help you avoid wasting your time and money to acquire replacements or backups later on.

What are the most common types of garbage bins, and what are each of them best used for?

Before deciding on the right garbage bin for your needs, it is necessary to understand the available choices. While there are several different types, sizes, and shapes of garbage bins on the market, certain bins are more commonly used than others.

The following are some of the most common types of garbage bins that you can buy or rent, along with explanations of how they are generally most helpful and some of the primary advantages and uses that each of these bins comes with:

Commercial Trash Cans

Commercial trash cans, which typically come in round or square shapes, and range in size from 6 gallons to 150 gallons, are generally made out of commercial-grade materials, and are designed to withstand heavy-duty use in various fast-paced environments. The following are some of the most common garbage bin types that fit this description:

1. Step-on trash cans

Step-on trash cans are the best option in places like public bathrooms and kitchen preparation areas, where it either is unsanitary or inconvenient to use your hands to open the bin’s lid.

As their name suggests, the defining feature of these cans is that they have pedals at their base that you can step on in order to open them without using your hands.

2. Medical trash cans

Medical trash cans also employ the step-on design for hands-free use, are generally made of metal, and are under 40 gallons in size. These bins must also comply with various other Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards so that they can safely be used to dispose of infectious waste.

3. Cardboard trash cans

Cardboard trash cans are ideal for events that generate a high volume of trash. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, are low cost, and are easy to set up. Another advantage is that once they are used, the bins can be easily disposed of, as they are recyclable.

4. Countertop trash cans

Countertop trash cans are particularly useful in the food and beverage industry. They are perfect for storing things like straw wrappers, sugar packets, coffee stirring sticks, and other similar trash at self-service stations.

They are also handy to have at sample stations when customers need somewhere to dispose of toothpicks or sampling spoons and cups.

Outdoor Trash Cans

Outdoor trash cans are commonly used to maintain the cleanliness and overall appearance of outdoor spaces, such as parks or areas surrounding buildings. Outside bins must be made from heavy-duty materials like steel, plastic, or concrete.

They often include covered or partially covered lids as well as covers and other features since they are exposed to various weather conditions, including rain and snow, in addition to animals. The following are some common types of outdoor trash cans:

5. Drive-through trash cans

As their name suggests, these trash cans are used in drive-through restaurants. They are typically equipped with a chute-style lid to maximize the convenience of customers disposing of things from their cars while they are in the drive-through.

6. Cigarette receptacles

Cigarette receptacles are specifically designed to efficiently collect cigarette waste. They can come as stand-alone units or with larger compartments below for collecting regular trash. Having one of these receptacles in front of your business will help keep the premises clean.

Industrial Trash Cans

When sizable loads of waste need to be disposed of, industrial garbage bins are typically a good fit. Thus, these types of bins are frequently used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites, and they can come with casters for easy maneuverability or are stationary. The following are some common industrial bin types:

7. Wheeled trash cans

Wheeled trash cans have two large wheels at their rear, which they can be tilted onto to make it easy to transport them from place to place. When they do not need to be moved, they can also be kept stationary.

8. Tilt trucks

Tilt trucks are built to handle a huge amount of waste, ranging from 300 pounds to 2,300 pounds in weight. Despite this, they are designed in such a way that it is still possible for just one person to unload this amount of garbage.

9. Dumpsters

Dumpsters are also quite large and are best used for collecting and consolidating trash outside of a building. Most dumpsters come equipped with sealed rim lids to prevent leaks and odours.

How Scarborough Disposal Can Help You Find a Wide Variety of Garbage Bins

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