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10 Things You Need to Do for a Major Demolition Project

Posted By On October 13 2020
Things to do during a major demolition project

Major demolition projects are big home renovation tasks that are one of the most speedy phases of construction. For a house coming down and extracted completely from the site, it can take about one or two days.

Although demolition jobs are very messy and over quickly, they are still considered a home renovation project. There should also be a clear plan laid out to stay within your budget.

Before you hire a dumpster rental to help clean up the waste during and after the demolition, you should prepare the property as much as possible to ensure a smooth process.

Once the contractor you hire begins working on your project, the property instantaneously becomes a work zone, so everyone must work safely. To start you off on your demolition preparation, here are 10 things you need to do to prepare for safe and successful home demolition.

1. Solidify a plan with an end goal

Part of the demolition process is to sit down with a contractor and create a customized plan with an end goal. To create the demolition plan, there should be a thorough assessment of the structure and the surrounding area.

Here are some important factors that should be determined during the planning process:

  • Find out the materials that were used to build the original structure and how it was built.
  • Learn which potential hazardous materials (such as flammable or explosive materials) that could be onsite.
  • Determine the time frame and check the weather. Many people overlook this aspect of which season the demolition will take place. If it’s a time-sensitive home improvement project and you’re aiming for a brand new home with a specific date in mind, ensure you give yourself enough time; look at the end date and work backwards. Estimate at least two weeks to a month after the projected end date, just in case there are delays or weather conditions that will stall the project for a few days.

2. Determine which demolition method will be used

Determining which method will be used is important because it will set your budget. The first option is a mechanical demolition. This is the most popular form of demolition where hydraulic excavators and other machinery tear down the house. The debris is then taken away by a dumpster. Mechanical demolition is the cheapest and fastest solution.

The second method is deconstruction, whereby demolition is manually stripping the house section by section. Instead of having a dumpster collect the debris and scraps, opt for manual deconstruction when you intend to salvage the materials to be used in the next home improvement project. Deconstruction is more expensive than mechanical demolition because it takes longer and requires manual stripping.

In most cases, there is a combination of deconstruction and demolition. First, deconstruction will take place inside the home. The salvaged materials will be put aside, saved, and reused. Then, the structure’s remains will be mechanically demolished, and the remaining debris is taken away by a dumpster rental. Opt for deconstruction and mechanical demolition if you want to be environmentally responsible.

3. Get an estimate and set a budget

Once the work scope is identified, it’s time to get an estimate and set a budget. Your demolition contractor should be able to give you an outlined estimate for the job. You should also consider that you might have to offset costs if some things change during the project.

4. Get your house inspected by a professional

Your demolition contractor will tell you what inspection requirements are needed before the demolition begins. The most common inspections will check for asbestos, mould, and old rotting wood. If your home inspection determines there is asbestos, lead paint, or other hazardous materials, be prepared for your budget to change. Alternative procedures for remediation need to be fulfilled before the demolition can occur.

5. Obtain your permits

Building permits are needed before starting the demolition to ensure your house meets fire safety and inspector requirements. To obtain your demolition permit for your structure, check out Ontario’s building permits information here.

6. Disconnect services related to the property

Once you have received the proper permits from your municipality, you should proceed to disconnect the utilities and services connected to the property that is going to be demolished. Utilities include electricity, water, gas, and sewer. Keep in mind that it is essential to remove electricity and gas before demolition begins, as they can pose a hazardous risk to those working on the demolition.

7. Notify your neighbours

A few weeks before the scheduled demolition, head over to your neighbours with a bottle of wine and let them know about the upcoming noise and mess that is going to happen. This is important because the last thing you want is disgruntled neighbours complaining to the city about the noise and debris coming from your property.

8. Hire a bin rental so you can clean up the mess

There will be debris, asphalt shingles, steel, drywall, and other wood products that cannot be discarded in the garbage during and after the demolition. You need to hire a bin rental beforehand to get rid of these materials properly.

At Scarborough Disposal, we can assist you with your home renovation or demolition project by providing you with our reliable dumpster rental services in Scarborough and the GTA region.

We cooperate with demolition contractors to set up a specific space outside of your house to host the dumpster to dispose of debris and waste materials efficiently and safely.

9. Send the kids and pets to a relative

All the noise and commotion from the demolition will distract your kids and pets, so it’s best to arrange for them to stay at their grandma’s or a relative’s house during the project. If no one can look after them, then part of your budget is offsetting some additional costs, and you probably will have to book a short-term hotel or Airbnb stays for you and your family.

10. Demolish the house

Now here’s the fun part. On the day of the demolition, this can take up to one day or a whole week. Ensure you have double-checked the property, that no hazardous materials are lying around, and the area can accommodate large hydraulic excavators.

If you would like to request a no-obligation estimate on dumpster rental services in Toronto and the GTA, call Scarborough Disposal at 647-360-9566 or contact us here.


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  • Posted on 02-11-2023 by Venditti Demolition

    I appreciate the reminder about obtaining the necessary permits before demolishing anything. It seems like a wise choice to engage professional demolition services, as they can assist in securing the right permits and ensure a safe demolition process.

  • Posted on 08-02-2022 by Scarborough Disposal

    Happy neighbours, happy life! Good luck with your project!

  • Posted on 16-01-2022 by Luke Smith

    It was a great tip when you said to keep your neighbors informed when planning on a demolition project, so that they won’t be surprised to the noise and the mess. We finally decided to demolish the house that my siblings and I grew up in. We loved that house more than anything, but we acknowledge the fact that the foundations aren’t solid anymore and it’s now become a hazard for anyone living in it. Maybe someday, we’ll have it rebuilt. That being said, I’ll be sure to find a qualified company who offers home demolition services.

  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Neighbours always appreciate a little heads up!

  • Posted on 07-12-2021 by Olivia Smart

    Thank you for your suggestion to notify your neighbors about upcoming noise and mess a few weeks before the scheduled demolition. My friend has been wondering what she should do to be prepared for some major renovations being done on her property that she’s scheduled for next month. I think that this seems like a nice gesture that will help her neighbors to prepare for this as well.

  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Happy to be of help to your project!

  • Posted on 30-11-2021 by Jeff Carbine

    I liked it when you said that major demolition projects are big home renovation tasks that are one of the most speedy phases of construction. I thought about carefully searching for the most capable contractor in the country before deciding to demolish the old building we have. Now I completely understand what the critical factor to consider is. I wanted to thank you for this very relevant article

  • Posted on 12-11-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Yes, any reputable contractor should be able to give you an estimate and also help to keep you within your budget during the job. Good luck with your swimming pool job!

  • Posted on 10-11-2021 by Shammy Peterson

    I found it helpful when you said that your demolition contractor must be able to help you set an estimate for the job once the work scope is identified. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to hire one before the installation of our swimming pool starts. I want to ensure that I will be financially ready for the project to ensure its quick completion, so I will do your tips.

  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    We’re happy to provide valuable information!

  • Posted on 15-10-2021 by Vivian Black

    I had no idea how many angles there are to a defit project. I found it interesting that you should consider the materials that were used originally and the potential hazardous supplies used. I believe we usually consider time frame and weather, but there is so much more involved. This is all something to be considered, for sure. You have given great information!

  • Posted on 09-12-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Glad we could help!

  • Thank you for giving us a direct and straight to the point answer! It greatly helped in clearing our confusion.

  • Posted on 17-06-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Yes, I agree. Not only would they know what method would be safest, but also would know if they would require any permits or special permissions from the local government agency.

  • Posted on 16-06-2021 by Henry Killingsworth

    I thought it was interesting when you explained that determining the method of demolition will affect what kind of budget you have. I would think that it would be important to find a demolition contractor before undertaking any kind of project like this in your home. A demolition contractor would know what method would be the safest for breaking stuff down in your home.

  • Posted on 11-06-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    That’s a great point to make! As well when you have an older home your plans might have to be reviewed by your city department, especially if it’s considered historical.

  • Posted on 09-06-2021 by demolition contractors Werribee

    Old buildings that date back farther than 80 years may not be worth fixing and may need to be torn down, unless it is a historic building, but even these may have to be partial demolished because they contain dangerous materials.

  • Posted on 27-05-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Hi Claire,

    We’re glad we were able to provide you with some useful information.

  • Posted on 27-05-2021 by Claire Masters

    I agree with what you said that I shouldn’t forget to update the neighbors about the noise of the upcoming demolition projects. It was also great that you reminded me to obtain the necessary permits for the project. I think it’s good that there are companies that offer their demolition services to their clients.

  • Posted on 05-04-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Yes, for sure, working with a reputable demolition company who can obtain the proper permits is beneficial!

  • Posted on 30-03-2021 by Michaela Hemsley

    Thanks for mentioning it’s important to get the right permits before demolition something. I think it would be smart to hire professional demolition services too. They could probably help make sure you had the right permits and that everything was done safely.

  • Posted on 19-03-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    Hi Charlotte,

    I’m glad our article could be of help! Best of luck with the renovations!

  • Posted on 16-03-2021 by Charlotte Fleet

    My dad and mom are wanting to renovate their home this year and they need to hire a demolition contractor to begin the process. I am glad that you mentioned the importance of your contractor giving you an estimate for the project beforehand so you know what your budget will be. I will make sure that my mom and dad get estimates from any potential contractors before they hire anyone so that they can find one that best fits their budget.

  • Posted on 19-03-2021 by Scarborough Disposal

    That’s great Sanya.

    Canada is a beautiful country with many great places to visit! I hope you enjoy your time here!

  • Posted on 26-02-2021 by Sanya Sharma

    This year I am planning to visit Canada. All the activities and places to visit are so good. I love to visit a lot.