Top 5 Ways to Dispose of Broken Glasses

proper disposal of broken glassWhen it is not possible to recycle broken or cracked glass, proper disposal of broken glass can be difficult since you cannot simply throw away the refuse on account for the fact that it can tear up garbage bags, slice through soft garbage containers, and worst of all harm the people who handle the waste.  If you are wondering how to eliminate broken glass, there are a few ways that stand out.

Proper Disposal of Broken Glass

While some glass is simply too large to be thrown away with the rest of the garbage, some can be broken up into smaller quantities so that it does not pose a threat to the handler or the waste receptacle.  A good way to break up glass into small pieces is to place a thick towel or rag over it, put on thick soled shoes, and stomp it until it is powder, being very careful not to spill any on the floor.

Wrap the Glass

Glass has a lot of cutting power, but cannot penetrate any substance with greater thickness than itself.  By wrapping any broken glass in a single newspaper (or a similar thick stack of papers), you eliminate its ability to cut through human skin or plastic wrap.  Tie up the newspaper with string or plastic ties, making sure that no shards or glass dust can fall out and pose any harm.  If necessary, put it in a plastic or paper bag so that it will not come loose.

A cracked mirror is one of the worst cases of broken glass since it has the potential to create dozens of smaller panes.  Firmly wrap an old mirror in rags, t-shirts, or sheets so that no pressure will get through and no glass will slip out of the wrapping.  Transport it flat on its back so that the motion does not cause the glass to grind up and down.

Giving the Broken Glass to an Artist

One great way to re-use glass that has been broken is to give it to an artist who works in glass, or a professional who creates items like pipes out of glass.  You will need to clean this glass beforehand, but they will be able to melt it down and create a new item.

If you have large quantities of glass on your property and are looking for a way to dispose of the broken glass, we at Scarborough disposal offer reliable and affordable junk removal services. Contact us today and we will advise you accordingly.

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