The Dos and Don’ts of Yard Waste Disposal in Toronto

Yard waste disposal tips For many people, summer is a good time to trim the lawn and bulging tree branches, however, you need to find a reliable yard waste disposal company to get rid of the waste you leave behind. Most people leave this waste outside for junk removal companies to collect. Since most cities and municipal authorities have laws governing yard waste disposal, it is necessary to prepare your waste properly. Keep reading to find out what you can and cannot do when it comes to yard waste preparation.

Yard Waste Disposal Do’s

To start with, you will have to take into consideration the acceptable trash container size. A majority of waste removal companies have these in sizes ranging from 20-gallon to 45- gallon. In addition, you must ensure that the total weight of each container and bag does not exceed 50 pounds. Make sure you cut tree branches to manageable sizes. After this, you can tie up the small branches into bundles. Once again, the maximum weight and length of each bundle will depend on the rules set by your junk removal company. In most cases, the weight for each bundle should be between 40 pounds and 75 pounds, while the length should range between 3 feet and 5 feet. Make sure you tie up everything tightly.

Yard Waste Disposal Don’t

  • Do not put your yard waste near gas meters, mailboxes, fire hydrants or near water meters.
  • Do not use plastic bags to pack yard waste.
  • Do not include any form of medical waste.
  • Do not block the street with your yard waste.
  • Do not use vacant lots as waste collection points.
  • Do not include soil or rocks as part of your yard waste.

How To Deal With Yard Waste in Toronto

Traditionally, most yard waste ended up in landfills. However, many states are coming up with new ways of dealing with yard waste. According to the Earth Island Journal, 24 states have already banned yard waste from landfills. Instead, the states that have imposed a ban encourage composting. This is in addition to using yard waste to generate methane.

Junk removal companies provide an essential service. This includes clearing all manner of debris and harmful materials. This does not mean that you can mix yard waste with ordinary household garbage. For this waste to be collected, you will have to pack everything properly. To do this, avoid using plastic wrappings. If you follow the aforementioned yard waste disposal tips, you will have no problem disposing your yard waste.

To efficiently dispose of your yard waste in Toronto, you can rely on Scarborough Disposal’s professional services.


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