How To Organize An Excellent Garage Sale

September 1, 2014 No comments yet

Cleaning out your attic, garage, storage buildings, and spare rooms can lead to the discovery of items you don’t need. This is a great time to have a garage sale and unload them to make room in your house while also earning a few bucks. How successful your garage sale is will depend on how [...]

3 Crucial Mistakes of Decluttering Your Basement

August 29, 2014 No comments yet

When it comes to places where clutter accumulates, the basement is generally ground zero. Before long, it can become necessary to stage a basement de-cluttering project. Still, this can be a huge job which may even end before it really gets started unless common mistakes are avoided. If your basement is out of control, here [...]

Can You Recognize These 5 Toxic Chemicals In Your Home?

August 27, 2014 No comments yet

Hazardous chemicals are hidden in many household products that we use on a daily basis. You may think your household cleaners and cosmetics are free of dangerous chemicals. But many of them contain common ingredients that can cause illness or even death. This can be of great concern to those with children and pets. They [...]

The Dirty Truth About Junk in Your House

August 25, 2014 No comments yet

What is the dirty truth about junk in your house? Junk, first and foremost, wherever it is found is a relative term. The saying ” one person’s junk is an other’s treasure” probably was said by someone who had the desire to rid themselves of excess junk in their house. Most often, junk finds itself [...]

A Simple Way To Remove Construction Debris From Multi-Floor Houses

August 23, 2014 No comments yet

So you think you got it all handled, right? You’re remodeling and tearing down cabinets and ripping up carpeting. Then you’re tearing your hair out when you see all the debris left behind Well there’s actually a number of ways in which to remove construction debris and get it down to the ground level where [...]

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