How to Dispose of Concrete Blocks

If you have a demolition or construction project inside your home, or on your premises, you will need to know how to dispose of concrete blocks. After your project is complete, you are bound to have a lot of leftover material, including blocks or chunks of concrete. Disposing of this debris can be a challenge.

If you employ a contractor to carry out your demolition project, it is their responsibility to get rid of the remaining debris. However, you might opt to do some research and complete the home improvement work yourself. In this scenario, it is your responsibility to remove the surplus concrete correctly.

Concrete Block Disposal Step by Step

Get in touch with the solid waste department of your local authority, to clarify the rules with regards to concrete disposal. For instance, you may have to break the concrete down to a certain size. Find out whether your local authority will take the concrete. Potentially, there might be a charge involved, if you use government services to clear your concrete.

Locate a local company (like a landscaping or construction business) that will take your concrete, in case your local authority refuses to take it. Occasionally, your local authority will give you a list of recommended companies that can carry out this task. This is helpful in circumstances where the local authority agrees to get rid of your concrete, but you prefer not to pay the charge. Also, you can use websites such as These websites have databases of businesses that might be able to come to your aid.

Speak to the companies you research to discover their rules, with regards to the weight and size of the concrete you need to dispose of. Adhere to any rules imposed by the business or local authority you choose to give your debris to. This might involve binding the blocks of concrete together, or smashing the material into smaller, easier to manage pieces.

Use the correct tools to break the concrete down. For thick concrete slabs, you will require a tool like an electric demolition hammer. See the video below:

This has the necessary power to smash through the material. Nonetheless, for thinner concrete slabs, a sledgehammer may be able to smash through. You could hire a demolition firm to do this as well.

Place the broken concrete in a truck bed, using a wheelbarrow. You may have to break the concrete down further, before it will be accepted. If so, you will have to transport the material to a construction firm that owns a crushing machine. Always make sure that you ask for the concrete to be taken away, if you employ a demolition company.

Wherever possible, it is best to recycle materials. This reduces landfills, and it is just as easy as disposing of the materials normally. Crushed blocks of concrete (including pavers and breeze blocks) can be used as Portland cement filler. There are a number of recycling options to pick from, as follows:

Concrete Block Recycling Step by Step

Arrange the blocks of concrete into two sets: those that are reusable and those that are not. Broken or chipped blocks shouldn’t be reused for construction. However, they are still recyclable.

Find local green contractors by searching online. Contact them and ask whether they require concrete or cinder blocks for construction projects. If any contractors want the blocks, schedule a time for them to be collected. This way, you do not need to transport the materials in your vehicle for recycling. Also, you save on resources, because the concrete can be used again in its’ present condition, without any processing.

Use the Earth 911 website to locate local recycling facilities that will take concrete pieces. Type your zip or city code into the relevant fields, and enter “concrete” into the search field. Then, contact the recycling facilities you find to inquire about their opening times.

Place the concrete into your truck or car, and drive it to the recycling facility. Get rid of all subpar or broken blocks in this way, as well as the concrete chunks that contractors will not accept. Hopefully, the above advice will make learning how to dispose of concrete blocks a lot easier.

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